You'll Almost Be Excited to Wash Bottles...Almost.

You'll Almost Be Excited to Wash Bottles...Almost.

Okay. Real talk.  Who likes to hand wash tiny pieces every day?  How about trying to put dishes away that aren't fully dry yet?  There's always that one that doesn't fully dry... What if we told you there was a product that helped make washing bottles and other baby accessories easy?  Are you listening now? Reader, please meet the Boon drying racks and accessories.  They just might become your new best friends.  They are definitely a favorite with us Cubby Moms! First on our line-up is the Boon GRASS.  Their most popular drying rack, this clever item is made of flexible blades of "grass" that bend to accommodate a variety of items.  Because of it's unique and simple design, the GRASS helps bottles and accessories dry faster and more thoroughly -- air is able to circulate all around the wet dishes, drying even the most narrow of places.

Though the GRASS is a great size at 9.5"x 9.5", sometimes you just need a bit more.  Well, meet the LAWN.  At 13.5"x 11", it has everything you love about the GRASS with extra room.  Like the other racks, it is made of two pieces that pull apart for easy cleaning and draining of water.  Though it doesn't have a drain system, the base is nice and tall, preventing overflow of dirty water.

Now some of you are probably quickly falling in love with the product, but you think to yourself: "My tiny kitchen just doesn't have the space for that!"  Boon is way ahead of you.  The lovely PATCH was designed to fit behind the sink, on a windowsill, or just behind other things on a small counter.  The 3.5"x 17.25" footprint will fit nearly anywhere.  You're welcome.

The bright, happy colors will cheer you up no matter the hour of the day that you are using it. (But you want something less eye-catching?  The GRASS and LAWN both come in all white, too!)  No longer do you have a messy pile of bottles and sippy cups -- another happy thought!  Everything stays organized, dries faster, and looks great on your counter.  The blades are durable enough to hold glasses, mugs, and dinner plates, so you can hang onto your small patch of happiness for many years past the toddler ages.  What's not to love about these fantastic Boon products?!

But the fun doesn't stop with just three sizes of racks.  There are also accessories!  These accessories help free up the main area for larger items while helping little pieces to dry even quicker, and come in multiple colors for more fun.

The STEM is a happy little flower that has stiff petals and center stamen that hold lightweight nipples and pacifiers.

The TWIG looks like a small tree, with long branches to hang bottle caps and nipples, pacifiers, or other small items.

The FLY is a butterfly that features round holes in each wing that can hold bottle nipples!

Maybe you don't care for the extra space for non-bottle items.  Boon has you covered with their newest drying rack: the SPRIG.  Made to hold up to 8 bottles and parts, this small rack takes up very little space, but features the classic Boon easy-to-clean pieces!  These Boon drying racks are perfect for bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts, utensils, sippy cups, small toys, and a million other items that you would wash!  And there's something for everyone.  So go ahead, get to know your new best friends.  They'll be around for a long time.  

With love,

Kambria :)

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