You'll Love These Indoor Kids Activities

You'll Love These Indoor Kids Activities

We are so happy to be featuring Natashia from Canary Jane! We absolutely adore her and her children so we asked if she would be willing to share some of her favorite indoor activities to keep her kids busy during these long winter months! I know you're going to love this. And, hopefully, it's going to help you get through this winter without too much yelling. It's ok, it happens. Enjoy!

Hi there! Natashia from here. I am a lifestyle DIY blogger, published creative professional, and part time fitness instructor. I would have to say, though, that my favorite job is mother. I have four children, three boys and a girl, from the ages of eight and under.

As you probably guessed, I am constantly on the go and busy. And it's no surprise that my children are just the same. Winter can be rough, especially here in Utah. For me, this means I am stuck in my house with four little balls of energy. My backyard loving children turn into popsicles within a few minutes if I send them outside. And if they don't do that, one of them is sure to fall in the snow, get stuck in the snow, or get snow in every piece of their clothing. And let's not talk about the time to get everyone dressed in their snow clothes and then dry them out afterward. Needless to say, playing in the snow can be exhausting for this momma. So over the years I have had to come up with some creative ways to get through the winter months.

When my kids are jumping all over the place I know they need to release some energy. One of the ways I let my kids do this is we turn on some music and have an indoor dance party. We also play the "Stop and Freeze" game where you have someone stop the music and everyone has to freeze. Another way I get my children moving is by getting out our small trampoline. We have a three foot trampoline that I will bring out and the kids take turns jumping.

Toddler reading books

Sometimes my children just need something new and different to entertain them. As a working mom I am always on the lookout for activities for my children that will get their minds thinking and keep them busy. One of my favorite products are Baby Lit Books. These books are educational and sturdy board books. In our home, a book that can be sat on and played with, is a winner. Getting new books is a great way to make being stuck inside more fun. And we occasionally make forts and have hot chocolate while we have reading time.

As an illustrator and creative, of course I love to encourage crafts and creative time for my children. This is especially true for the cold Animal heads craft projectmonths. In our home we have a large drawer that has craft supplies in it. The children are allowed to create almost any time with these supplies. And for fun I sometimes will give them specific crafts to finish, like these free printable animal puppets on my blog, Sometimes we even have drawing time when mama has to get some work done.

Find activities that work for your child's interests. For me I've found when I play into what they are naturally wanting to do they are more engaged and excited. For example if your child is musical let them bang on some pots and pans until the neighbors complain. Haha! Good luck fellow mothers out there and you can reach me at hello (at) for other questions or visit my site to read my full list of activities for the children and get these animal puppet printable.

Thanks, Baby Cubby, for having me! I absolutely love your charming store and the products inside.


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