Your Belly has a New Best Friend

Your Belly has a New Best Friend

As a mama, you're used to giving all your love and attention to your little one--even if they haven't arrived yet! For expecting or new mamas, like it or not, the attention is all on the tummy. For all those mamas out there who are looking for a little somethin', somethin' to help with their tummy area, Belly Bandit is here to be your new BFF.

Belly Bandit is a mama-conscious brand started by three sisters who wanted to make sure that mamas had some love! They've got a whole line of products that are designed to make your life easier, and more comfortable, during and after pregnancy. They try to help you work on getting you back to feeling like YOU! Their bands and shape wear are meant to help prevent stretch marks, and embarrassing button popping, while your tummy is expanding. After your little one arrives, they help shrink your belly back down. Whether your babe is on the way, or you're already holding him in your arms, these Belly Bandit babes are sure to make your life a little more comfortable!

Belly Bandit Flawless Belly Support Belt - Black




When you're expecting, you're either trying your best to work it out in your pre-pregnancy pants, maybe improvise with a rubber band, or you're dealing with pregnancy pants that droop too low in the back, or cut into the tummy, and make your life miserable. Well, the Belly Support Belt is an absolute must! It's a great layering piece to help with keeping your pants up and tight, and to make sure that no one gets a view of the goods without your permission. It doubles as a great way to prevent stretch marks-- it comes with a stretch mark cream that you can slather on that tummy, then tuck it away in the Belly Bandit, and layer on your favorite top! That way, the cream stays off your clothes and gets the job done.

Belly Bandit Original Belly Wrap - Nude

Original Belly Wrap - Nude

Once babe arrives, your belly will feel crampy, flabby, and overall pretty discouraging. Once you deliver, your body's hormones will get to work to help your uterus get back to it's normal size. The Belly Wrap works with that natural process to help tighten and shape your tummy back to its pre-pregnancy size. It uses medical grade compression to help slim your tummy and hips, without putting too much strain on your sensitive insides. It is an absolute lifesaver for mamas looking for C-section relief, and will help to rejoin those tummy muscles for mamas who experienced Diastasis Recti. The wrap is thin enough to be worn underneath your t-shirts, and is the perfect undercover layering piece!

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset - Black

Mother Tucker Corset

 Mother Tucker Corset

Once you're passed the initial recovery stage post-pregnancy, you're probably ready for something that will help shrink that waist, and trim inches, so you are back into your old clothes quicker. The Mother Tucker (hehe) Corset is going to give you that support and needed pressure to tuck in that tummy, while shaping the waist for that hourglass figure. This corset doesn't dig into your ribs, or roll up your body thanks to the soft boning structure on the back and sides. It has six different adjustments to maximize your comfort.

When it comes to the belly, we could all use a little extra love! Belly Bandit is just the solution to take care of all your tummy troubles during, and after pregnancy by keeping things tucked in and comfortable!

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