Your New Nursery with Rylee + Cru Bedding

Your New Nursery with Rylee + Cru Bedding

When I had my daughter, only two years ago, I had a hard time finding bedding for her crib that I absolutely loved! You see, my design taste is a little complicated. I honestly don't really know exactly what it is; modern with a bit of whimsy, mashed with some neutrals and bold, but sometimes soft designs. I mean, good luck, right?! There was tons of cute bedding out there, but nothing really stole my heart. Well, we have started to plan for a second addition to our family and I have found some stuff that really makes my oddly defined design interest sing!

The nursery situation will be a bit different this time around. Depending on gender, our kids will either share a room, or we will have a nursery/office combo going on. We love where we live, so we are just getting creative so we can stay until we find something we love better! That being said, either way the "look" needs to be easily morphed with the other stuff going on.

Rylee + Cru Crib Sheet in Scatter

I am absolutely in L.O.V.E. with Rylee + Cru's new bedding line, so I have put together three different combinations that make my heart sing!

Blushing Love

My daughter still sleeps in her crib. I seriously can't believe she hasn't climbed out yet, but hallelujah that she hasn't! I did find some bedding for her "big girl bed" that I loved (big surprise!) a few months back so I do know what it will look like. Her comforter is blush, and her accent pillows are a mix of grey, white, black, and a tiny hint of mustard. So, if another girl joins our family and they share a room that is what I am going off of.

Rylee + Cru Knit Blanket in Forest

For my first combo, I went with more blush as the main color with this crib sheet above. I think if I were forced to pick a favorite color, I would have to pick blush. I love the soft feminine look of it, but also love that it doesn't scream PINK like other shades in that family do. So, blush is an easy and safe decision for me! Annnnd, if I had to pick a second favorite color, it would likely be black or white. Don't make fun, I just can't commit to colors ok?!!! Naturally, my blanket choice for this combo is this darling black and white forest number here! I have a little lamb accent pillow for big girl's bed that is mainly black and white. The round puffy trees on the blanket match the style perfectly!

Grey on White

Rylee + Cru Crib Sheet in Lush

We haven't yet decided on whether or not a second girl would for sure share the bedroom of our first daughter. So, I have to have a girl option that would fit well into our office/nursery situation. That immediately rules out the use of pink because I don't want the room to look too feminine in the color department. For that reason, my second combo choice begins with this grey sheet! I think the design is the perfect amount of feminine for that room.

Now, you might laugh about this next one and think that I am crazy. Oh well! For the accompanying quilt, I pick this beautiful folk birds quilt! Now, now, I hear you thinking "Whoaaa, not sure if those patterns really jive?" I know, I know, buuuut the reverse side of this quilt is white! I don't really want to just buy a plain white quilt because that is

Rylee + Cru Folk Birds Quilt

boring. But, for the sake of display, when not in use, I need white to keep the cohesiveness of the room flowing. See where I am going? I buy the folk birds quilt, and use the birds side, but when the blanket is folded and hanging on the side of the crib, I use the white side. Call me crazy...I call it innovative!

Little Bears

Rylee + Cru Muslin Quilt in Bear
My last "new nursery" situation would be a boy in the nursery/office. As earlier discussed, I have a hard time committing to colors. So. With this option I went pretty neutral as well, with the intention to add color in other ways! A simple white crib sheet will never clash or be unfitting for other designs, so that's what I started with here. The bonus? white can be bleached! You know you will have a few blowout messes in your crib, so give me three cheers for easier blowout-stain removal! The sweet little bears on this quilt steal the show! I love them, and think they are the perfect touch of whimsy for a baby boy. To bring in the color I think I would add some mustard yellow and hints of navy blue. I am currently liking those colors, but anticipate having to change them at some point, so smaller color pieces will be my jam here!

I love that I am finding options I can actually love this time around with my nursery planning! Thanks to Rylee + Cru's simplistic, yet modern, designs, I can have a beautiful nursery corner in either room we decide, and still have a cohesive look. On top of the perfect design, I know my little babe will be so very comfortable thanks to the organic cotton. Are you planning a new nursery soon? Have you had a hard time committing to bedding patterns in the past?! Hopefully you have seen a light and feel some baby bedding love budding within you!

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