You're Going to be "Awww"ing Over These

You're Going to be "Awww"ing Over These

Mary Meyer is the mother company for a handful of brands you might already be familiar with, like Taggies, WubbaNub, Bestever Baby Mats and O-Balls. Mary Meyer  started the company in 1933 and her family has kept it running for the past 80 years. So, with Mary Meyer stuffed animals you get the feel-good warm-and-fuzzies of supporting a family business with the expertise you appreciate from bigger businesses as well. Win-win. Mary Meyer is dedicated to producing beautiful, safe, educational toys and collectibles from the best materials and finest designs. They are also committed to producing products in a sustainable, earth friendly way. Another win-win. One of their best-kept secrets is their Mary Meyer Baby stuffed animals. Soft, safe, and adorable; the top three criteria all baby items must meet on my checklist. Let’s meet the lineup!

Mary Meyer Putty Bear - Grey                                                  Mary Meyer Putty Bear - Dusty Rose

 Mary Meyer Putty Bear - Grey                       Mary Meyer Putty Bear – Dusty Rose

Mary Meyer Putty Bear - Cream

Mary Meyer Putty Bear – Cream

Every child needs a teddy bear. This iconic companion, Mary Meyer's Putty Bear, comes in three colors (cream, dusty rose, and grey) as well as three sizes: small, medium and large. An elegant and modern design made from cuddly-soft etched fabric, these must-have bears are perfect for babies and children who need an everyday snuggly squeeze from a loyal companion.  

The floppy giraffe and oversized stuffed elephant from the Afrique Collection are wonderfully soft and cuddly playmates for your little jungle-junkie.

The Mary Meyer FabFuzz collection includes this Unicorn, Giraffe, Ostrich, and hedgehog. These unique and fabulous designs make original gifts and adorable companions for little animal lovers.

Mary Meyer Talls - Unicorn                                                     Mary Meyer Talls - Pig

Mary Meyer Talls – Unicorn                                              Mary Meyer Talls – Pig

Mary Meyer Talls - Lamb

Mary Meyer Talls – Lamb


 These classic stuffed animals take on a unique doll-like personality in the Mary Meyer Talls collection. Whether you decide on the Unicorn, Pig, or Lamb for your little one, these leggy littles are sure to ensue a lot of fun, imagination, and cuddles.              

Your little ladies will love the Mary Meyer Fernwood collection. Ivy Fox and River Raccoon, with their adorable dresses and accessories, are sure to be the charmers of all your upcoming playdates. Although, you may want to have an extra on hand for quarrels over these delightful woodland-inspired dolls.

Mary Meyer Flip-Flops - Anthony Alligator                                                 Mary Meyer Flip-Flops - Logan Lion

 Mary Meyer Flip-Flops - Anthony Alligator  Mary Meyer Flip-Flops - Logan Lion

Mary Meyer Flip-Flops - Buddy Buffalo

 Mary Meyer Flip-Flops - Buddy Buffalo

The Alligator, Lion, and Buffalo from the Mary Meyer Flip-Flop collection have floppy limbs that are perfect for hugging and cuddling. Just like the rest of Mary Meyer's stuffed animals, these guys are plush and soft and irresistibly adorable. I don't know which quality is more important, but luckily, with Mary Meyer, I don't have to worry about it. They've got it all! Written by Witney Loftin

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