COVID-19 Updates


Our mission has been, and will always be, to enrich families. We are sensitive to your unique needs as parents and caregivers during this uncertain time of COVID-19, and we are here to support and help you. Life continues despite uncertainty and babies will continue to be born and loved. As parents, we have the opportunity to guide the way for our little ones.

Below are some of the things we are changing at The Baby Cubby so that we can continue helping you care for your children. In addition to following public health agencies and governmental authorities’ recommendations, we hope the following helps limit the spread of COVID-19. 


  1. Curbside Pickup! Stay in your car and we will bring your order to you! Shop at, use a local zipcode when you enter your shipping info, and select “in-store pickup”. We will email you once your order is ready--typically within a few hours. Drive straight up to our store, call us when you arrive, and we will bring your order out to you! #parentingwin

  2. Video chat with us! We can walk you through our store just as if you were shopping in person so you can find what you need. We are highly educated on all of our products, and can still deliver our above-and-beyond service to you electronically! This could be as simple as helping you pick out a baby outfit for your sister’s new baby or walking you through the differences between two car seats or strollers.

  3. We will stop accepting cash in the store. Only credit card/electronic payments will be accepted in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  4. Our store is still open! We are constantly monitoring updates from health officials and continuing to take additional safety precautions to keep our store open. We want to follow guidelines to reduce non-essential shopping trips, but we realize that babies are still coming and parents still need car seats, essentials, and other gear.  We are here to help you! 

  • We have increased cleaning and sanitizing in our store to three times a day for general cleaning.

  • We have increased cleaning and sanitizing to multiple times throughout the day for high-touch areas (door handles, bathrooms, credit card machines, etc.). 

  • We removed all the toys out of our play area to prevent the spread of germs. 

  • We enacted strict policies to keep team members home if they show any signs of illness. 

  • We are taking care of our team. We are committed to taking care of our team. We are taking several steps to ensure they stay healthy such as allowing team members to work from home, having an increased focus on sanitation, limiting meetings, etc. However, this will not impact our ability to serve you and get you what you need.  

  • Please let us know how else we can serve you better. And take a moment to spend this time with your families and enjoy the little things. You could say we’ve been given time to breathe, refocus, and truly see what really matters--our family. Enjoy it a little bit more.

    We are doing a few new things! 1. We started hosting virtual baby showers for expecting moms, and surprising them with gifts during the shower so they can get the things they need when their showers have been cancelled. 2. It's hard to buy a car seat and stroller for your baby when you can't actually test it out and feel it. We started offering video chats to help parents make informed decisions (be hands on) without being there in person. 3. And we started doing live videos where moms can chat in and ask questions about things that are really important to them, so they feel like they have a sense of community in a time where they can't get a lot of in-person support. This was especially good for women out there who are suffering with post-partumn depression and anxiety. 

    Cameron & Jacquelyn Muir & The Baby Cubby Team