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How To Pick the Perfect All-Terrain Stroller

Your life is full of many different sceneries and activities, and now you are preparing to introduce your little one (or little ones) to all of those beautiful things too! You just need a stroller that fits in with all of these things first right? Sounds like an All-Terrain stroller might be the one for you! Often times, All-Terrain strollers and jogging strollers are lumped into the same category. Although there aren’t too many differences, the differences are significant. We are going discuss what it means to be an All-Terrain stroller, and outline basic differences between joggers and all-terrains.


These strollers are basically the perfect mix of a walking stroller and a jogging stroller. The name truly says it all with this stroller category. An All-Terrain stroller is meant to tackle all terrain types with ease for the driver and comfort for the rider. If you are on the fence about whether or not you truly want an All-Terrain stroller, take a minute and jot down where you will most likely be taking your stroller. Grassy parks, sandy beaches, rocky pathways or trails? If your list looks something like that, it is safe to say that you could definitely benefit from a stroller that adapts to each of those different terrain types.


So what is the difference between a strict jogging and an all-terrain stroller? The biggest difference is that not all All-Terrain strollers are designed or manufactured to be a jogging stroller. There are multiple features that jogging strollers have that make them safe for the speed and impact of jogging or running. If a stroller has been made to be a jogger the manufacturer will specify so. DO NOT just assume that because it is an All-Terrain stroller, and looks a lot like a jogger, that it is safe to jog or run with the stroller. Do you want to jog with your All-Terrain stroller? No problem. Just make sure that the stroller you purchase is meant to be both! To get a more in depth look at all the features needed to make your jogging experience with your all-terrain stroller, keep an eye out for our Jogging Stroller Buying Guide!


The most important characteristic of an All-Terrain stroller is the tires. A stroller's tires make a huge difference in how well different types of terrain affect the ride in the stroller. All-Terrains typically come with either three or four large (12 inches or more) air filled tires. In some of these strollers the front tire(s) is slightly smaller than the back tires, but that is not always the case. Large air filled tires allow for a smoother ride over those rough and un-even surfaces, keeping the ride much more comfortable for baby in the stroller. Pay attention to the tread on the tires as well! If you know that you will be encountering slick situations often, make sure your tires have a good thick tread to help you with stroller control. Think of it as the difference between your snow boots, and the cute sandals you wear in the summer. Snow boots would be useless without a good tread! An All-Terrain's front tire should have the capability to swivel, and also to be locked into place.A front tire locked into a straight forward position is best for bumpy terrain. A front tire that swivels provides good maneuvering capability, which is good for places such as the mall where you want to easily turn corners. These day's it is much more common to see a front tire that locks and swivels, so you shouldn't have to miss out on this feature! The best part about it is that for most strollers you can switch between the two with just the click of a button.


To provide your precious cargo with the most comfortable ride, consider the versatility of the stroller seat. First of all, it should be possible to recline the seat. When baby sits at an incline, the impact and jarring from going over rough surfaces can be distributed over their whole body. If your child were to be sitting straight up and down, the force would be focused mostly on their head and down the spine. Obviously, that isn't the best place for extra force to be felt. Additionally, the softer the back of the seat the better! A large handful of All-Terrain strollers have what is called a "sling style seat."This style of seat is basically like a hammock. The seat is just the fabric suspended from the frame of the stroller. This type of seat keeps baby from banging up against the plastic backs and inserts in most all other general strollers.


A five-point harness it the safest out there. Coverage of both shoulders, hips, and between the legs better ensures that baby isn’t slipping out while you are out exploring with them.
Research studies done by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that 50% of all stroller related injuries from 2008-2011 were due to falling out or the tipping of the stroller. These professionals reported that they believed five-point harnesses could have potentially prevented those injuries.So, although we hope and hope and hope that the stroller never goes down with baby in it, there is always the possibility. Please be sure that your stroller is equipped with one of these harnesses! Safety is our biggest concern, and we know it is for all you parents too!


Since you will be adventuring with this stroller you want to make sure that little human of yours is protected from Mr. Sun's rays. Yes, a canopy is meant to keep the sun out of their eyes, but if big enough, it can also keep their entire body covered! This is especially important if you plan to be out strolling for an extended period during peak sun hours.


Generally, the rule is that baby does not sit in an actual stroller until six months. To make your life easier most stroller's these day's have adapters that you can click your car seat right into! Depending on the brand these car seat adapters cost anywhere from $15 to $60 dollars. Another important thing to note is that not all strollers are compatible with all car seat brands and models. If you have a car seat, or are set on which one you are going to buy, check to make sure you have a compatible pick with your stroller! *Also, check out our Car Seat Buying Guide, How to Choose the Right Car Seatif you're struggling with that decision as well! Some strollers have a seat that inclines almost completely flat. These seats are more suitable for younger children, but always make sure to discuss safety with your pediatrician before you transfer that baby to the actual stroller seat!


BOB Single Infant Car Seat Adapter - BOB/Britax


All-Terrain strollers are (almost always) bigger, and have a larger fold than typical strollers. Although we don't consider it to be a deal breaker, we advise that you are aware of the space that you have for the stroller.You can definitely make it work, but it definitely helps to assess your storage and transport options in the beginning!


In our opinion, the best stroller is the stroller that best suits your needs! All-Terrain strollers are designed to fill multiple needs so we think these are awesome options. We've taken the time to do the base research for you, but make sure you take the time to assess exactly what you want and need. Need some more help figuring that out? Stop by our baby store in American Fork, Utah to see the strollers for yourself and take them on a test drive. Cubby Moms are always standing by in the store to give you the facts, and even an opinion or comforting word when needed! Finding that you want some more basic stroller information? You can refer to our general Stroller Buying Guide for (almost) endless amounts of stroller info!