Slumberkins Book

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If your little one is in need of a little extra dose of positive affirmation, these books just may be the perfect solution! Each book has a theme and teaches fantastic coping skills to various circumstances life will bring! These Slumberkins books are incredibly unique! They have adorable pictures and rhymes but the goodness doesn’t stop there. Each book has a special focus and helps children learn about life skills and healthy management when it comes to difficult times. Not to mention, also available are adorable friends to accompany their matching books!

Why Parents Love Slumberkins Books

  • Promote healthy and positive life skills
  • Adorable images and messages

Why Children Love Slumberkins Books

  • Fun rhymes
  • Cute stories
  • Positive coping skills


  • Board books
  • Helps promote positive life skills
  • Contain positive affirmations
  • Sleepy time rhymes

Available Accessories

  • Slumberkins Slumber Sloth
  • Slumberkins Fox
  • Slumberkins Bigfoot