The Doll Kind Plush Doll

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These dolls are certainly in a league of their own. They remind us to be kind and to spread love wherever we go!

One for one: for every doll purchased, The Doll Kind will donate a doll to someone less fortunate! These dolls are unique, not only because of their fun and spunky look, but because of the message behind them. And I don’t mean the token pocket on their backs! They stand for kindness and encourage children to spread love wherever they go. 10 tokens are included to share as an act of kindness and to remind others to be kind.

Why Parents Love The Doll Kind Plush Doll

  • Promotes kindness
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Great quality

Why Children Love The Doll Kind Plush Doll

  • Colorful, unique dolls
  • Tokens to share with others
  • A new friend to play and spread kindness with

What’s Included

  • Doll Kind plush doll
  • Naming certificate
  • Kindness kit:
    • 10 tokens to give away as acts of kindness
    • List of acts of kindness for inspiration


  • For every doll sold, another doll is donated to someone less fortunate
  • 18” doll
  • Pocket on back of doll to store tokens
  • 10 wooden 1.4” tokens with MDF and non-toxic paint
  • Pink and teal tokens symbolize love
  • Lavender tokens symbolize kindness
  • Tan tokens symbolize gratitude
  • Gift box packaging
  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Naming certificate doubles as an agreement to spread love and kindness

Material and Care

  • Cotton
  • Poly-fiber
  • Printed face
  • Surface wash only