4 Tips for When You First Get Home with Baby

4 Tips for When You First Get Home with Baby

You get home from the hospital, all loaded down with your gifts and tips from the sweet nurses at the hospital, you set down your hospital bag, and then.... What on earth do you do now that you have this brand new baby to take care of all on your own? After all the excitement of the labor, delivery, and even the hospital recovery time, you might feel absolutely lost when it comes to being a first time parent. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of bringing a baby home, or if you're already in that camp and need a little bit of support for what comes next, hopefully these tips will give you some relief!

1. Minimize What You Have to Move Around

If you haven't already, I recommend getting yourself set up in each room of your house. What I mean by this is make sure there's a place in the nursery, your own bedroom, and in the living room so that once babe starts wailing from starvation for the 15th time that day, you won't need to gather all your supplies and carry them from room to room, spending precious time and losing your hearing in the process.

2. You Have to Eat, Too!

Make sure and eat something, for heaven's sake. I know this is pretty much always overlooked, and may seem like the dumbest thing you've read all day. But hear me out. After delivering your new bundle of joy you are pretty much spent emotionally, mentally and of course, physically. Your body needs to recharge, and you need to make sure to give it the fuel that it needs before you can even attempt to look after baby. If you have friends and family offering to bring you over dinner, accept. I mean it. You'll feel a little less shaky once you've eaten, and you'll be ready to feed baby and get used to how they deal with you outside of a hospital room.Father and newborn

3. Daddy Needs Time to be Daddy

Give daddy some time with baby. One of the things that naturally happens when you have a newborn is that mama takes the majority of the newborn time. While this is perfect, and necessary, and beautiful, daddy need a little bit of face time with little one to feel like he's got a handle on the parenting thing too. Have him take the reins with changing diapers, swaddling, lying babe in the crib or bassinet, and of course feeding and burping. The earlier the better with daddy! After a few days in the hospital being pampered by nurses, giving them some one-on-one with their new sweetie will make a world of a difference.

4. Deep Breaths.

Relax. Chill. Take it easy. However you want to put it, you need to do it. You have no reason to be up and about and running all over town. Sorry. Not necessary. It takes time to get used to having a baby at home, working on nursing and naps, and making time for yourself to sleep, eat and shower. If you push yourself too hard too soon you'll feel the frustration that much more. And mama, no one has time for that! For the first week after my son was born I stayed in a bathrobe, and was ready to undress for my little man's hunger cries at a moments notice, and also take a nap in the blink of an eye if the moment arose. Dual purpose those bathrobes!

Parents with their newbornNo matter what your situation, boy or girl, working or SAHM, there is an adjustment period for bringing home a new baby, and a learning curve that only gets easier with trial and error. Learn what works for you and your family, and roll with it! Adjust as needed. Newborns are forgiving, sweet, and terrifying all at once. But you can do this mama! XO

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