4 Ways to Celebrate Single Parents on National Single Parent Day

4 Ways to Celebrate Single Parents on National Single Parent Day

Raising children is hard, but it's even more challenging for single parents. March 21st celebrates the efforts of single parents across the nation. Here are a few simple ways you can recognize the single parents in your life.

About half of the children in America will spend part of their childhood being raised by one parent trying to fill the roles of two. As if raising a child alone wasn't hard enough, single parents are raising children alone after traumatic events, such as death or separation.

All of us touch the lives of children being raised by single parents and the parents themselves. They may be the mom or dad of a child in your kid's class, a neighbor, someone from your church or a close friend of a family member. How can you recognize the single parents around you?

1. Write a note or letter recognizing their efforts

You can write a kind note recognizing their sacrifices and efforts to raise their children. Even without a personal relationship, a simple "I notice the loving relationship you have with your child at school parties" can be a meaningful token.

2. Treat them to lunch

Single Parent Day is a great day to help the single parent you know take a break and treat themselves. If you don't feel like you know them well enough to go out with them right now, gift cards can be a thoughtful gesture!

3. Help their kids plan a surprise

Where appropriate, you can work with the children of a single parent in your life to make gifts or write notes for their parent. Children are so grateful for everything their parent does, but may not be aware of how to show their appreciation. Mother's Day and Father's Day is usually orchestrated by the other parent, but there isn't one to help make sure that Single Parent Day is meaningful in this case.

4. Notice them the other 364 days a year

Being a single parent is grueling physically, mentally and emotionally. They need people to be aware of their families all year. Be kind, listen without judgement, and offer things like play-dates or dinner here and there.

We can all lighten the load of single parents by simply being aware of them and watching for little ways to help. Take some time on March 21 to support single parents on National Single Parent Day.

Written by: Kelsie Hasleton

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