5 Essentials for New Moms

5 Essentials for New Moms

So you're gonna be a MOM. M.O.M. Mom. Welcome to the club ;) Jk, but really, it kinda is a club. Motherhood is like a whole secret world that you never knew existed before you had your baby. I mean, you kinda knew, but you didn't REALLY know. So here are the things that are probably rushing through your mind right now:

How am I going to decorate the nursery?

Am I going to a good parent?

Should I be au natural or not?

Breast is best. Breast is best. Breast is best. It will come naturally, I'm sure. (Just FYI, it most likely won't. Sorry to burst your bubble. Keep a lookout for Alyssa's post that will be coming all about that!)

How often do I need to change a baby's diaper?

Can I really do this parent thing? Am I going to be able to get enough sleep?

What is going on with my body right now??

And, unless you're doing your registry at The Baby Cubby with a personal shopper to help you, WHAT GOES ON THE REGISTRY????

All normal. Don't worry, your good friend Michelle here has got your back. Besides your stroller and car seat that are the obvious things, there are some essentials that I feel every new mother needs. Could you get by without these? Probably. Would you feel like a more prepared mother with them? Definitely.

Ju-Ju-Be's Legacy collection is by far my favorite collection of diaper bags. The Duchess So, obviously you need to have a diaper bag. This is by far my favorite gear item to help customer's pick out. It's super personal to each mom and her needs and it definitely needs to fit her style. I love it, because that's what I'm all about - helping mom's find stuff that works exactly for them! But I have to tell you - every time a mom-to-be comes in they usually ask what my favorite diaper bag is. Answer: Ju-Ju-Be BFF. Champ of diaper bags, I tells ya. Why? Just to name a few things: light, comfortable, anti-microbial, machine washable, versatile (backpack and messenger straps), easy access, durable, and mommy pocket. Bam. For first time mom's I would choose a BFF any day of the week.

For a more detailed review and explanation of how amazing the BFF truly is check out Alyssa's previous blog post: "Organization Your Jam? Check Out Ju-Ju-Be!"

Sakura Bloom Chambray Ring Sling - Marin

Ok, my second essential all mom's need: a carrier. You could choose from a  Happy Baby Wrap which is a great all organic fabric wrap carrier, an ErgoBaby Carrier which has some added support (especially with the ErgoBaby 360's extra wide belt), or a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling. Personally, I LOVE Sakura Bloom. I'll be honest, motherhood made me feel super drab. Almost automatically. I went from having a very small purse to carrying around a huge diaper bag and car seat everywhere I went. I felt like a hot mess. That's why I loved having this beautiful chambray ring sling to throw over and cover my nasty sweatshirt I had been in for 3 days already and put my daughter in. It's light, easy to use, and surprisingly comfortable. Plus, due to their constant color changes some of their slings actually resell for more than you paid for them depending on which color and type you get. That means it's definitely an investment. Cool, huh?

Teething necklaces are a must for mother's. You see, I have one of those lovely little gold necklaces with the flat round pendant that has the stamped letter on it.

Mama & Little Necklace and Bracelets 

My daughter used to chew on it like CRAZY and almost broke it a few times (how sad would that be? :( ) until I started wearing a teething necklace. After trying a few different ones, I settled on Mama & Little. They're right up my alley! Many have muted colors which help me feel like they don't stand out so much hanging around my neck! They also always leave some space at the back with no beads so that your hair won't get caught in the silicone. Because that is the worst. Literally.

Need more reasons why these are so great? Check out Alexa's previous post on Mama & Little: "Teething Jewelry You Actually Want to Wear." Ok, I know you're probably tired of all of these products. I get it. It's tiring reading about the same things over and over again and you probably feel like I'm trying to sell you something. Truly, I'm not. We here at The Baby Cubby are a community of mom's that truly just want you to get the best information possible. You can come into the store and tell me I'm full of crap if you like, I won't care ;) It's all about what fits you best and your lifestyle! We're just here to give you suggestions on what works for us and what we've heard from other mom's :) Promise!

I do need to tell you though that I truly believe that every parent needs these two things: the NoseFrida and the FeverFrida from FridaBaby. They are by far, hands down, the most useful things you will ever own as a parent. I know that the NoseFrida sounds gross to a lot of people - you're sucking your baby's snot through a tube. But literally, the little blue bulb suctioning thing that you get at the hospital just doesn't cut it. Think of the power it takes to get your nose clear when it's all stuffed up. You need that same power for that little nose that will be joining your family soon. The FeverFriday on the other hand is anything but gross. In fact, it is so convenient and establishes peace of mind (which is something you'll be bargaining for all the time once baby comes). It adheres under your child's armpit via a patch and monitors their temperature every 4 seconds. It then sends all of that information to your phone and will alert you if their temperature exceeds a preset limit (that you get to set, of course!). That means you can sleep peacefully (at least as well as you can with a sick baby) knowing that they will be monitored throughout the night. I love mine and honestly wouldn't give it up for the world!

    Seriously, it looks gross but it’s not.                 Find peace of mind every time.  

For a more detailed explanation of how the NoseFrida and FeverFrida work, check out my previous blog: "How to Take Care of a Sick Baby During Flu Season."

Ok, so those are the essentials my lady friends. If you come into the Lindon, UT baby store and ask me what are the top things you need (again, besides a stroller and carseat) this is what I'll say: diaper bag, baby carrier, teething necklace, NoseFrida, and FeverFrida. If you have those 5 things you'll be able to get through most of that first year pretty darn well. Trust me. Been there, done that, still doing it. You'll be great!

Love always,

Michelle Anne

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You won’t be sorry! FridaBaby is amazing!!

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I agree with you on all the others, so I’m going to go ahead and get the Fridas. Thanks for the post!

Sandra Cole

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