5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

5 Steps to Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

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1. Decide on a reveal!

There are several ways to announce this happy news, including some our favorite reveals, 6 Gender Reveals You'll Love. Be creative but don’t worry too much about the wow-factor. No matter how this is done, in the end this is some fantastically exciting news! After making this decision, everything else should be smooth sailing!

2. What kind of party are we talking?

Decide on what food you’ll be serving and what kind of atmosphere you want: light dessert at a park, casual barbeque in the backyard, or dinner at a restaurant are just a few options. Another decision to tackle is who to invite! There’s certainly no limit here, as few or as many people as you’d like! Pretty sure anyone would be flattered and thrilled to be invited to such a happy occasion!

3. Reveal Preparation

If you already know the gender and want to announce to your friends and family, there’s blue or pink prep work to get working on! But there’s a good chance you have no idea what is in the envelope given to you by the ultrasound tech. If you’re planning to be surprised along with everyone else you’ll have to assign someone else to do the preparation! This could mean your mom loading a piñata full of blue confetti or a bakery secretly making a cake full of pink filling!

4. Picture & Video Assignment

Assigning one or two people to document the party, especially the reveal, is a very important step! This is the easiest way to record such a fun occasion, not to mention get a great shot of the reveal to share with other friends and loved ones on social media or through the mail. These pictures and videos will be cherished for a long time to come!

5. Build suspense!

One thing is for sure, whoever is coming to this party is most likely simply coming to find out the gender of this unborn child, and so anything extra is a major bonus! Breaking the news right away is a sure way to end a party quickly so plan on mingling and playing for the first little bit before revealing your baby’s gender! Involving your guests with guessing games and other activities throughout the party is a great way to build the suspense and excitement before the big reveal.

That’s it! Five simple steps for planning the perfect gender reveal party! Now that it’s all planned out it’s time to sit back and enjoy the party, delight in the fact that you have many loved ones supporting you and your growing family, and savor this exciting and happy time of pregnancy. Oh, and congratulations on the happy news!

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