Adventure Mom: Essentials For Outdoor Winter Play

Adventure Mom: Essentials For Outdoor Winter Play

Once that white fluffy stuff starts falling from the sky, the kids will be begging you to grab their winter gear so they can build snow castles, challenge the neighbor kids to an intense snow ball fight, and give their sibling a good old fashioned "white wash" with a glove full of icy snow. Cabin fever may creep into your warm, cozy home by this point, so you'll definitely want to be ready with proper outdoor gear so your kids can still play outside! Here's what you need to know about winter must-haves for fun outdoor play.


Synthetic Base Layer or Long Underwear

A base layer is the layer of clothing that will be touching the skin. This layer is ultimately the most important for staying warm outside during those cold months. A simple rule to follow is to never use long underwear or a base layer made from cotton. Cotton absorbs all kinds of moisture (think sweat, melted snow, rain, etc.), which will cause your child to be cold, and, in the worst cases, lead to hypothermia. A base layer should be made from synthetic materials (polyester or poly blends), merino wool, or silk. For children, a polyester or poly blend base layer is comfortable, and also fantastic at wicking moisture away from the skin. Synthetic material is also known for its fast drying properties as well. Buying a new base layer every winter is common for sprouting children, and buying a pair made from synthetic material is definitely the budget friendly way to go. Many people love merino wool as a base layer, too! Despite it being wool, merino wool isn't itchy! While it doesn't offer the moisture wicking properties of polyester, it is naturally antibacterial and can be worn a few times before a noticeable odor occurs. Merino wool is the more costly option, but many people appreciate that it keeps them at a consistent temperature without overheating or catching a chill.

Insulated & Water-Resistant Boots

Not all snow boots are made the same, and it's essential to find a pair that are water resistant and insulated. Socks are simply not enough insulation for longer activities. One mom-approved boot brand is Bogs. They are insulated (comfort rated from temperate to 14°F / -10°C) and 100% waterproof! Bogs is a high-quality, trusted brand that keeps little feet in mind during the design process. For more information, visit the Baby Cubby or check out this great blog post!

Waterproof Gloves

Nothing is worse than numb fingers (or toes) when participating in a fun, outdoor activity. Invest in a good pair of waterproof gloves that are lined with soft fleece or other material. Try finding gloves with a drawstring near the wrists to assist with warmth and to keep snow out. Some gloves feature zip pouches made for small heat packs to help keep those hands warm! It's definitely an awesome feature to have if participating in an activity where hands won't be moving too frequently.

Hot Cocoa, Coffee or Other Warm Drink!

Outdoor play in the winter is such a treat, why not make it sweeter with a warm drink to heat you up from the inside?

The cold months are upon us, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Stock up on quality outdoor wear so you and your children can actually enjoy winter! For more tips on dressing your children for winter, check out this blog post.

Written by Lindsay Helm
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