Adventure Mom: Tending To Your Adventurous Heart

Adventure Mom: Tending To Your Adventurous Heart

Becoming a parent is an adventure in itself, but finding the time to tend to your own adventurous heart is a whole different story! It takes a great deal of time to plan and organize for your departure, while still making sure your children will be a-okay while you're away (which just goes to show how valuable you are, mama). So make a list of adventures that have been steeping in your heart for much too long, and plan something for yourself (and maybe a friend or two)!

Start Small, But Live Big

 Recently, my sweet mom invited me on a girls weekend trip to Portland, Oregon. Being from Seattle, the trip would take me roughly three hours from home, but offer endless opportunity for one-on-one time with my mom and, let's face the food! And since I can't pass up the opportunity to eat numerous hot meals (without sharing with my toddler), I said YES! A few days later I hopped on a train, turned on my podcasts, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sweet bliss of solitude. A short time later, I was in the city with my mom, exploring shops and restaurants and laughed until I cried. Such a simple trip, but we lived big in every single moment. Find a city close to home that can provide you a fun, adventurous weekend without having to make too many extravagant plans. If your hometown offers public transportation, I highly recommend using it! You will have to pay big bucks to park your car in the city once you get there, so you might as well pay someone else to drive you to your destination and relax along the way!

Communicate With Your Village

It takes a village to raise a child, right? As the saying goes, motherhood wouldn't be possible without that supportive village rising to care for each other. Communication with your village is key to making your adventure possible. You may need some help with child care while you're gone, and a supportive village should be there to help you out. Often times, you can even set up a trade with other families, so you are both helping each other. Just like you, other moms and dads need to tend to their adventurous hearts too! So be sure you are there for them just like they are there for you!

Enjoy Yourself

Don't spend your entire adventure dripping with guilt and feeling sorry for yourself. This is your alone time! Live it up and know that your kiddos are just fine! When you get home, they will be so happy, but while you're gone, they are most likely appreciating the change of scenery and maybe even getting spoiled (cookies for breakfast anyone?).

As a mother, I love bringing my son--my little partner in crime, with me whenever I can, but there are definitely times that a solo adventure is in order! I began to find that this alone time was essential to meeting my own expectations of motherhood. I am a happier person and a joyful mother when I have my own adventurous experiences. So go plan an adventure for yourself, mamas! Enjoy yourself and happy adventuring!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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