Video: Adventuring with the Veer Cruiser

Video: Adventuring with the Veer Cruiser

The Veer Cruiser is the perfect piece of adventure gear—it doubles as both a wagon and a stroller for families exploring any type of terrain!

Although we've provided other information on the Veer and its creator, we're back to emphasize its coolness. My friend Banessa and I took her boys out in it to a park with all different kinds of terrains—concrete, grass, wood, brick—and the Veer dominated all of them with ease. Depending on what's easiest at the time, you can pull the handle or lock it in its upward position and push it like a stroller. The ventilated seats keep air flowing on warm days (though it was a brisk morning for us) and the adjustable footwell is an awesome feature for making sure kids' legs have enough room even while keeping them high enough off the ground.

The design of the Veer Cruiser allows kiddos to face each other so they can interact and play together. The boys' favorite feature was definitely the drink and snack tray, which comes included in the package. The shared space keeps things social, but each with their own respective compartments to munch on their lunch as you go about your adventure. When you're all done, the Veer folds flat easily to fit in your trunk. You can even remove the wheels with a one-push button to make extra storage room!

If you're a camping and hiking family, you should absolutely look into the Veer Cruiser. It's the perfect solution for going places where a regular old stroller won't cut it!

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