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Video: Up Close and Personal with Veer Cruiser

Video: Up Close and Personal with Veer Cruiser

Whether you're in the market for an all-terrain, rugged, and durable wagon or not, I guarantee that after watching this video chances are you will be! The Veer Cruiser was created by an ordinary dad, Andrew, who after watching parents push strollers and wagons across bumpy fields, parks and hills was determined to find a better way... and that he sure did!

It pushes and pulls, has an optional car seat adapter, and carries up to 2 children (plus all your gear!). It also has cup holders, trays, and a one-hand folding capability. This wagon takes up minimal space when folded and turns and pivots on a dime. These are just some of the many features that make this wagon feel like part of the family. Included is a video specially created to show you just how smooth and fun the Veer Cruiser can make your outdoor adventures.

The Veer Cruiser
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