Baby Checklist: Our Top 10

Baby Checklist: Our Top 10

The baby market is saturated with product after product, each one claiming to be a necessary addition to your home and nursery. How do you decide what you really need?

We understand that it’s just not feasible for you to do countless hours of research only to feel overwhelmed with decision fatigue. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of ten products that we believe are must-haves.

1 - Car Seat

Hands down, the most necessary item you’re going to need for your baby is a car seat. Whether you choose an infant car seat, such as the Nuna Pipa Lite LX, or opt for a convertible car seat right from the get-go, you’ll need something to bring your baby home in. I strongly encourage you to check out our car seat guides. Our CPS trained employees have created multiple guides with valuable knowledge, covering topics such as How to Choose the Right Car Seat, and Infant and Convertible Car Seat Buying Guides. They are jam-packed with useful information!

2 - Carrier

Whether you use a sling, a soft wrap, or something more structured like an Ergobaby, a good carrier is truly life-changing. Not only does it keep your hands free as you rush around performing your other daily tasks, but there are also many developmental benefits to baby-wearing for both you and baby!

3 - Swaddle

Just like with baby-wearing, there’s plenty of benefits to swaddling. It’s extremely soothing for babies and can help them sleep better, which is reason enough for me! I recommend selecting a swaddle with a good amount of stretch, such as the Copper Pearl knit swaddles, to easily create a snug little cocoon for your little one. If you prefer to use a sleep sack, something like the Swaddle Up is a great choice for quick and easy swaddling.

4 - Stroller

Truthfully, a stroller isn't something you 100% need right from the beginning. There's a good chance you'll want to just stay home with baby during their first few weeks. Especially if you have a winter babe! You need to determine how often you're really going to be venturing out with baby and if a stroller is going to be beneficial from the start. There are other ways to transport them besides a stroller! You could consider using a wrap or a carrier. The Doona is a car seat and stroller in one, which totally eliminates the need for a stroller! The exception is if you have more than one kiddo to tote around. Once my second came along, I wanted to invest in the City Select Lux to contain them and make it easier on myself once we were ready to go out and about. But honestly, depending on your lifestyle, you may or may not need to spring for a stroller right away.


5 - Baby Care 

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the gadgets and ointments handy for any event. The Nasal Aspirator from Frida, a.k.a. the "snot sucker" is up there as one of my top baby must-haves, and even though I make my husband do the snot-sucking, it’s still so essential and has gotten us through many colds at our house. Speaking of colds, a humidifier can really work wonders when it comes to helping your little one breathe and sleep better, especially when sickness sets in. Make sure you’ve got nail clippers handy, too. Those tiny baby nails grow super-duper fast! And don’t forget some kind of diaper cream for irritating rashes. The Wink Baby Bum Balm is a great choice and contains zero parabens, petroleum, or BHA. 


6 - Clothing

It’s the saddest thing in the world, but unfortunately, your tiny little newborn won’t be in newborn clothes forever. In my opinion, simple onesies and bodysuits are all babies need for the first few months. L'ovedbaby make some of my favorites! They are low-maintenance, make diaper changes a cinch, and are just so dang cute! Stock up on basics to get you through the first few months, then reevaluate as your baby grows. 

7- Diaper Bag

It’s a given that your diaper bag will become your purse, so make sure you choose one you don’t mind carrying everywhere. There's a wide range of styles and features, from leather backpacks to canvas cross-body bags. If you need help narrowing down which one will best fit your lifestyle, be sure to check out our Diaper Bag Buying Guide for more information!


8 - Bouncer or Stationary Seat

It’s so handy to have a safe place to put baby when you need a break from holding them. A swing or bouncer like the Baby Jogger City Sway 2-in-1 Rocker and Bouncer is suitable from birth and is a great spot for your baby to rest, play, and observe their surroundings.

9 - Video Monitor

A video monitor may not be for everyone, but it certainly brings peace of mind. It’s comforting to see what your child is up to without having to rush in after every little noise. With the Owlet Cam, you can stream video from wherever you are via the Owlet App. Additional features include sound and motion notifications, two-way audio, and a room temperature sensor. You can even pair it with the Owlet Smart Sock for additional peace of mind.

10 - Mama Care Kit

Mamas, please don’t forget about yourself! Make sure you’re stocked with the necessary items to care for your own postpartum needs. The Postpartum Essentials Recovery Kit from Frida is a worthy investment and contains everything you need to jump-start your recovery, from disposable underwear, instant ice maxi-pads, and more.


Though it often doesn’t feel like it when you are in the trenches of parenthood, the days are fleeting. My favorite way to record my child’s firsts, silly memories, and their unique history is with a Promptly Journal. They make it so easy to record milestones both big and small with their custom tailored prompts so you’ll always remember your favorite moments with your little one.

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