Bogs Clearance Sale! 60% OFF 2 Days Only!

Bogs Clearance Sale! 60% OFF 2 Days Only!

Bogs Footwear, the fabulous and popular children's boot brand, is known for their high-quality snow and rain boots for kids, and they're having a clearance sale for two days only!

Baby Bogs Classic Camo - Royal Multi

We've posted about why Bogs boots are worth their price, but here's a quick recap. Bogs kids' boots:

  • are 100% externally waterproof
  • are machine washable
  • will last for all your kids, not just one season
  • are easy for kids to pull on themselves with convenient handles
  • are adjustable for tucking pant legs and thick socks into
  • have a lifetime guarantee.

For just TWO DAYS, Bogs will be offering their amazing boots for 60% off their regular price of $50.00, which means you can buy any pair in any size for just $20! This is the perfect opportunity to invest in a great pair of rain boots for your child this spring, or plan ahead for future winters with growing little ones. Stock up on sizes and styles for both boys and girls, and rest assured that your kids' feet will not only be stylish, but cozy and protected in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit, guaranteed.

Baby Bogs Stripes and Flowers - Plum

Bogs Available from Baby Cubby in:

Bogs Baby Classic - Flower Stripes

Baby Bogs Classic Animals - Pink Multi

Baby Bogs Classic Creepy Crawler - Gray Multi

Baby Bogs Classic Camo - Royal Multi

Baby Bogs Classic Solid - Black

If your kids tend to play rough or wear their shoes extra hard, no worries. If you notice a popped seam, ripped stitching, or flaying soles, Bogs' lifetime guarantee promises replacement for just the cost of shipping.

Baby Bogs Classic Solid - Black

This clearance sale is the biggest discount on Bogs kid's footwear ever offered by The Baby Cubby - the last time they were on sale was for Black Friday, when they were only 15% off. If the little feet in your home need a great pair of play boots that are great for chilly, wet weather, now is the time to grab a pair of comfy, cute Bogs and save a huge percentage of money!

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