Brand New Covered Goods Styles

Brand New Covered Goods Styles

Covered Goods is a product that both new and not-first-time moms can use every single day!  My daughter was an unpredictable nurser. She would go from calmly enjoying milk one second to flailing and trying to roll over or sit up the next. Luckily, I had a Covered Goods from day one, and was saved on multiple occasions from being exposed to unsuspecting bystanders. Don't worry, if that doesn't convince you, there is much more that will!

Mustard Blossom

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover - Mustard Blossom

So, obviously this is a no-brainer choice as a nursing cover. BUT what if you aren't nursing you ask? There are three other uses for these beautiful things! Yep, that is right. They are designed as multi-functional, and we all know that an item with multiple uses is as good as gold for us moms! Even better than multiple uses is the fact that we have some brand new color and designs in the shop for you to love: Mustard Blossom, Marsala Mandala, Slate Grey with White Pinstripe, and Poppies!

Marsala Mandala

Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover - Marsala Mandala

Are you sick of using those wipes at the store to quickly attempt to wipe down your cart with one hand while holding a wriggling child in the other arm? Yeah, me too. But, I also don't want to stick that wriggling child straight into that cart either. My poor girl caught the most horrific viral diarrhea last winter, and I am convinced it came from a shopping cart. I am not a super germ obsessed parent, but my doctor even told me that was the most likely place that she picked it up. YUCK!!!! You bet I never went to the store without my cover again!  When you get home just pop it in the wash and it will be ready to go for the next day!

Covered Goods

Okay, now I am going to be completely honest about this next use. When I first read that this could be used as a scarf I thought, I would never need to use it as a scarf because I have real scarves for that. forward to the first time I was in public and got smeared by grimy baby hands and I had somewhere else to go before I could go home. Yeahhhh, I realized pretty quickly just why the scarf use was inspired and so very useful!

Covered Goods

Last, but certainly not least, Covered Goods are the perfect car seat cover! Take my advice on this one, those other cute drapey covers with pom-poms and other knick-knacks around the edges are cute, until the wind blows crazy during a rainstorm. At that point, you will just want to rip it in two and leave it behind because it is more of a nuisance than a help!

Want another insider's secret? Are you having trouble deciding on just one pattern? Buy (or register for) your two favorite! Use one as your nursing cover, and the other as your shopping cart and car seat cover. Then you have a clean one that is kept in your bag to wear nursing, and the other can touch the germy carts and floors! Genius, right?!

There you have it! Are you convinced that you need one of these things to cover your goods yet? Fine, fine, that was turn your head and blush cheesy, but I couldn't help it!! In all reality, I am very grateful I had one of these to cover my goods while I learned to nurse and be comfortable doing so in public! I even used it to pump in my car on the go a few times! Head on over to to check out all of our current available styles!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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