Colicky Baby? Try out 4Moms Swings!

Colicky Baby? Try out 4Moms Swings!

Every mom loves holding their baby, but let's face it.  You gotta put the little one down sometime.  You have things to do and you need both hands to do them!  But when you set them down, babies cry, right?  So you can either do whatever it is you have to do while they scream, or you can set them in a 4moms seat and *viola!* no more crying.  Basic baby swings are great, but 4mom's seats are even better!  Why?  Well, that answer requires a little physics lesson.  Because the point of movement on a traditional baby swing is at the top, the baby's feet receive the majority of the motion.  But where you really want the motion is at the baby's head because that's where they sense the stimulation.  And 4moms does just that.  Because the point of motion is flipped to the bottom of the seat, the entire swing has an equally distributed amount of motion, so baby feels it throughout their entire body! 

Traditional Baby Swing vs 4moms Seat

Another reason 4moms is so cool?  The fabric is completely machine washable!  Worries about spit up or food ruining your seat are all in the past.  Each seat also comes with removable and reversible toys for baby to look at while they sit. So, let me introduce you to a couple 4moms seats.  

The BounceRoo

4moms - BounceRoo - Dark Grey Classic

The 4moms BounceRoo is so lightweight and portable!  It has 3 vibration settings - bee, wave, and heartbeat - and it bounces manually. You can purchase the BounceRoo in 3 colors, Silver Plush, Multi Plush, and Dark Grey Classic. Coming soon to The Baby Cubby.

4moms - BounceRoo - Silver Plush, Multi Plush, Dark Grey Classic

The RockaRoo

4moms - RockaRoo - Multi Plush

The 4moms RockaRoo rocks (Haha, get it?  "Rocks"?! - I think I'm funny.) because it is only 1/3 the size of a normal swing.  That's tiny!  This seat glides back and forth, and like I said before, the motion is all at the baby's head, creating the desired calming stimulation effect.  There are 5 different speed settings, and it has an mp3 plug in so you can pop in that iPod and turn on some white noise or a quiet song! The RockaRoo comes in 3 different colors, Classic Grey, Multi Plush, and Silver Plush

4moms - RockaRoo - Multi Plush, Classic Grey, Silver Plush

The MamaRoo

4moms - MamaRoo -Classic Grey

When you hold a baby, do you swing it back and forth?  Nope, you bounce!  This is where the 4moms MamaRoo gets its name - because it bounces like mama does.  The seat has an adjustable recline, and 5 different calming motions that are more natural than a traditional swing's.

Each of these 5 motions have 5 different speed settings.  It also comes with 4 built-in sounds - rain, fan, ocean, and heart - and a volume control.  And, just like the RockaRoo, it has an mp3 plug in so you can play whatever you want. AND, even cooler, all these things can be controlled by the 4mom's app on your phone! The MamaRoo comes in 5 fun colors, Classic Black, Classic Grey, Plush Designer, Plush Multi, and Plush Silver.

4moms - MamaRoo - Classic Grey, Plush Designer, Plush Multi, Plush Silver, Classic Black If you are placing an infant in the seat, try looking at one of 4moms infant inserts to support your little one. Here at The Baby Cubby we love 4moms!  And seats aren't the only thing 4moms sells.  Check out another one of our blog posts "What You've Been Missing: The 4moms Breeze" where Alyssa tells you all the cool things about the 4moms Breeze!

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These baby swings are really nice and looking durable made. Hope these are comfortable.


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