Deal of the Week: Luna Lullaby 20% Off!

Deal of the Week: Luna Lullaby 20% Off!

As you might have noticed, The Baby Cubby is all for supporting breastfeeding moms and parents everywhere. Whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle feed, you and baby deserve all-around comfort. One way we help you accomplish this is by offering products to keep feeding and parenting easy and comfort-driven. Luckily for you, one of our top products is on sale this week: Luna Lullaby pillows.

Whether you're searching for something to pamper yourself with during pregnancy or you're on the hunt for the perfect nursing pillow, Luna Lullaby has got you covered. Choose from among three types of pillows and countless color options:

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

When you're at home, you can afford to have everything just so when feeding baby. Moms of young newborns can easily develop an aching back without the proper support during feedings, so it's important to find the perfect pillow. The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow offers a perfect and compact solution to feedings so you can keep baby tucked right up next to you.

While some of the brands you've heard of tend to develop a loose, mashed down middle area, the unique v-shaped design of Luna Lullaby's pillows provides consistent support, right where you need it.

Find the Bosom Baby style in the following colors: Ivory Dot, Chevron Fuchsia, and Floral Blossom (pictured above).

Luna Lullaby Lil' Something

Every mother needs a little something, and the Lil' Something pillow doesn't disappoint! Long road trips, plane rides, and sleeping away from your own bed are all situations that call for a little added comfort. The Lil' Something offers that comfort, along with a quick and compact way to keep baby well-positioned for feedings.

Just like all of Luna Lullaby's other pillows, the Lil' Something lacks velcro and zippers with its ever-so-soft minky slipcover. This simple design makes the Lil' Something perfect to prop baby up during tummy time, too! Find it in: Chevron Grey (pictured above) and Green Owl

Luna Lullaby Dream Body Pillow

Struggling to get comfortable at night? You're not alone. While some body pillows take up way too much space and don't seem to get the job done, this isn't the case with the Dream Body Pillow. Just wrap it around your back and between your knees, and you're off to a night of blissful sleep. This particular pillow comes in Dynasty Black.

Whether you come to our new storefront in person or browse products online, you have access to a great deal on nursing and body pillows by Luna Lullaby, 20% off this week only with code "HAPPYFEEDING20"!

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