Good Eggs: Our Favorite Easter Goodies

Good Eggs: Our Favorite Easter Goodies

I don't know about you, but I look forward to Easter baskets every year! They are the stockings of springtime. And I love filling stockings!

What's not to love about filling a goody basket full of tiny toys and treats for your kiddos? I know it can be tricky to think of what to add to everyone's basket, so here's a list of some of our favorite toys that just happen to make the perfect gifts for Easter!

  1. Dimple - This seemingly simple toy often steals the show at church, family gatherings, and just about anywhere else. It lives in our diaper bag and is the perfect quiet toy to whip out when you need it most. Kids of all ages (including my husband) find joy in popping the colorful circles!
  2. Silicone Bead and Wood Ring Teether - Rainbow - The colors on this teether just scream "Easter" to me! So cheery and so useful! I love the combo of wood and silicone. It's the perfect addition to your babe's first basket!
  3. Bashful Bunny - Buttermilk - Jellycat makes the most scrumptious little plush animals! What's an Easter basket without a little bunny?
  4. Skwish - Natural - This toy is perfect for little hands to shake and rattle! It's also made of sustainable wood and is a toy you can feel good about gifting to your little one.
  1. Color My Bath Fizzing Tablets - Now, I know what you're thinking: "These are going to make a big ol' mess in my tub." Surprisingly, no! They're like a science experiment for the tub. What color will blue and yellow make? Fizzy, colorful, and tons of fun for your kiddos!
  2. Squigz Starter Set - These seem to end up on every 'toy favorites' list of ours, cause they're just that good! These tiny little suckers provide hours of entertainment!
  3. Wooden Matching Game - I love this little matching game! It's great for teaching kids animal names. I love the natural wood and simple illustrations. It comes in a nice carrying pouch for on-the-go play!
  4. Lacing Cards - Baby Animals - There's nothing like adorable lacing cards to exercise those fine motor skills! This set comes with six sturdy cards.
  1. Chalk Book - Unicorn - The best part about these Chalk Books is that they come with Butter Chalk, which brings hours of entertainment and leaves no chalky residue!
  2. Soft Swerve Ice Cream Candyvan - Uhhh, that's the most adorable little van I've ever seen.
  3. Magnetic Dress-Up Tin - Woodland Ballet - If you're in need of a travel toy, this Magnetic Dress-up Tin is the ticket! It comes with a variety of interchangeable magnets to dress up the darling woodland ballerinas.
  4. Land of Dough Cup - Mermaid Lagoon - It's almost too pretty to play with! What little lady wouldn't love sparkly multi-colored mermaid dough?
  1. Nanoblock Mini Pizza - Perfect for the boys that love to build! These miniature sized blocks bring some big fun!
  2. Dinosaur Hand Puppet - These unique hand puppets are made from squishy non-toxic rubber and are perfect for acting out dino tales!
  3. Magnetic Storms Putty - Tidal Wave - This Thinking Putty includes a ceramic magnet to provide hours of magnetizing fun!
  4. Candycar - Shewiff - Candy Lab does it again with the most adorable tiny cars I've ever laid eyes on!

You can shop these Easter basket favorites and more in store or online at Hoppy shopping!

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