Lots of Fun with Little Effort this St. Patrick's Day!

Lots of Fun with Little Effort this St. Patrick's Day!

With little kids, little holidays are so much fun! I always get excited about making the most out of tiny reasons to celebrate, and St. Patrick's Day is that sweet little holiday that ushers in springtime with rainbows, and luck, and fun!

So what are some easy ways to make St. Patrick's Day fun for your littles? Well the Baby Cubby is the pot o' gold at the end of all our rainbow goodies! PS-- check out Alyssa's post for the cutest St. Patty's outfits for all your littles!

Re-play Divided Plate in Kelly Green

Call me basic if you want, but the first thing I do the morning of any holiday is serve up my kids a holiday themed breakfast on a color coordinated plate. I know. So expected. But, I mean, my audience lives for it! Can you just imagine giving your littles a green 4 leaf clover pancake served on one of these perfect Kelly Green Re-Play plates with a glass of green milk, and some kiwi or green eggs on the side?! I'm dying.

Color My Bath Fizzing Tablets

Leprachauns have come to visit your house, and they're causing all kinds of mischief. Like going potty in your little's toilet, and it's green! Thanks to these colored fizzing tablets you can give your kids tons of excitement and a little silliness! And you can use them during bath time for a little extra GREEN fun!

Rainbow Stunt Streamer

If your kids need to burn some energy, get them out of the house with these cute little rainbow streamers and let them run around, make shapes, or write their names while you play some Irish jigs. All the fun is at the end of the rainbow, am I right?! You could even make it a game and play a freeze game: while the music's on, they dance and run, and once it turns off, they have to freeze! Let them dance around and snap all those insta vids that your mama heart desires. You may get lucky enough to steal a few perfect pics!

Slingshot Targets with Felt Ball Ammo

Another super cute and super easy RAINBOW activity for St. Patty's: let your littles set up their rainbow pins and knock them down again and again and again! You can also add a little bit of Irish mischief by adding a few spins to your littles, and getting them good and dizzy before throwing their felt balls. This is fun for even the tiniest of littles to play!

World's Biggest Candy Necklace

After all the fun playing with rainbows and all the leprechaun silliness, there should be some sort of GOLD at the end of it, so what could be cuter than a pot filled with treats like this candy necklace?? Rainbow and delicious? Add in a few chocolate coins to complete their leprechaun loot! Your babes will die of happiness, and the cuteness is almost enough to overwhelm me!

You don't have to do a lot to make the most out of a little holiday! This year, use the rainbow goodies from The Baby Cubby to fill your day with tons of color and fun! Good LUCK, mamas!

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