Nook Sleep Systems

Nook Sleep Systems

I remember going to a big box baby store before the birth of my first child. I was about 8 months along, exhausted, and swollen as an overfull diaper. We were going to get "some last-minute" things along with a crib mattress, and what resulted was a breakdown in the middle of the store.

My feet hurt and there were just so MANY different mattresses. Each one claimed that it was the ONLY mattress that could provide my baby with a good night's sleep! It was, frankly, overwhelming. Should buying a crib mattress be like this? NO! We're here to encourage and educate you, but also to tell you about some awesome new crib mattresses we are carrying: the Nook Sleep Systems.

What Makes Nook Different

If you're all about earth-friendly practices, this is the mattress for you. Nook only offers materials made with responsible manufacturing, sustainable, and certified-organic materials.

Non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, Nook Sleep Systems are a wonder to behold. Their premium mattresses promote a healthy sleeping environment to keep baby happy and safe.

In my opinion, one of the coolest things about Nook's mattresses is that they are so wonderfully safe, soft, and well-made, that they require no sheets or mattress pads at all. You heard me, none! Each mattress includes a nifty mattress cover that's machine washable and made of organic cotton. So if you're looking for a crib mattress that simplifies your life, look into our Nook Sleep Systems.

Mattress Types

Here are the specific Nook products we'll have in our store and online for you to choose from:

The Nook Pebble Pure Mattress

Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Pure Mattress - Misty

This mattress' core materials include coconut coir, natural latex foam, and organic wool. Fun fact: coconut coir is naturally anti-microbial and liquid resistant. The included cover has zinc, eucalyptus, organic cotton, and an easy-close nylon zipper for removal for washes. In its purest form, this mattress offers an organic solution to comfortable and safe sleep.

The Nook Pebble Lite Mattress

Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Lite Mattress - Cloud

Core materials for the Pebble Lite include two inches of CertiPUR-US foam and two inches of PETE, along with a Non-Toxic Freudenberg Fire Barrier to protect your baby without any nasty flame-retardant sprays. The cover materials are the same for every mattress type, making it an all-inclusive sleep system.

The Nook Pebble Air Mattress

Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Air Mattress - Seaglass

Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Air Mattress - Cloud

Made with completely CertiPUR-US® Foam, and including the Non-Toxic Freudenberg Fire Barrier, the Pebble Air Mattress offers breathable simplicity in a crib mattress that will work well for any baby.

Just for Fun

As an added bonus, you can purchase the Pebble Lounger for your little one that may or may not use a crib anymore!

Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Lounger

This is a great little seat made of organic and sustainable materials that your child is sure to enjoy while relaxing, reading, or just sitting in the living area with everyone else. It's also the perfect addition for your toddler's Christmas list, so check that off your holiday to-do!

Come see these great mattresses in action at our new storefront in American Fork, or order online today.

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