Noralee: AW23 Drop 1

Noralee: AW23 Drop 1

For some, the end of summer is a time of dread as school starts and cooler weather approaches. And although I can understand the sadness one may feel as summer comes to a close, I always look forward to this season with anticipation! What better time of year than when colors fade from green to orange, the sweet, sweet smells of cinnamon and pumpkin fill every home, and fun family get-togethers commence. So to welcome this season and all it has to offer, why not freshen up that wardrobe with some gorgeous new pieces from Noralee's newest collection for AW23? Always so elegant and timeless in design, these heirloom quality pieces are sure to be just what you're looking for you and your kiddos this season! 


Noralee Cosette Dress - Provence

Noralee Mirabelle Dress - Autumn Garden

Noralee Cosette Dress - Provence (Featured above)

Noralee Cosette Dress - Vines - Berry / Natural

Noralee Luna Dress - Florentine

Noralee Claudette Dress - Berry

Sweaters, Blazers, & Tops

Noralee Sebastian Blazer and Harrison Button Down

Noralee Ruffle Cardigan Sweater - Ecru

Noralee Sebastian Blazer - Fog (Featured above)

Noralee Harrison Button Down - White (Featured above)

Noralee Harrison Button Down - Natural


Noralee Suspender Pant - Fog

Noralee Suspender Pant - Fog (Featured above)

Noralee Sebastian Pant - Fog

Hair Accessories

Noralee Sailor Bow - Vintage Fleur

Noralee Floral Headband - Natural

Noralee Braided Headband - Autumn Garden

Noralee Oversized Bow - Chambray

Noralee Oversized Bow - Berry

Noralee Sailor Bow - Berry Garden

Noralee Sailor Bow - Vintage Fleur (Featured above)


Noralee Skinny Tie - Berry Garden

Noralee Skinny Tie - Berry Garden (Featured above)

Noralee Skinny Tie - Vines - Berry / Natural

Noralee Bow Tie - Berry Garden

Noralee Bow Tie - Chambray


Noralee Women's Vivian Dress - Vines - Berry / Natural

Noralee Women's Mirabelle Dress - Autumn Garden

Noralee Women's Vivian Dress - Vines - Berry / Natural (Featured above)

Noralee Women's Chloe Dress - Berry

You can shop all of our beautiful new Noralee, as well as our favorite Quincy Mae and Rylee + Cru clothing, in store or online now at


Lindsey Swenson

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