SAHM: Investing In Yourself

SAHM: Investing In Yourself

A few weeks ago, I wrote about accomplishing goals for myself, outside of being a wife and a mother. Well, I have been working on that since then and thought I would share some of what I have realized. I wish I had some big magic secret to share with you, but I have realized one thing that I was doing a terrible job of before.

INVEST IN YOURSELF! INVEST IN YOURSELF! INVEST IN YOURSELF! I was dang good at doing this before we had kids. Any cent of "free spending" money went to places that sent me clothes, workout supplies, cute home decor, and so on and so forth. But now, man, I so quickly use my free spending money on stuff for my kids!

The dumb thing about it is that we have "free spending" money for them set aside in our budget each month. So, it's not like I have to choose whether they get things or I get things. I guess it brings me joy to spend more money on my kids? But what I wasn't realizing is the need to still invest in my health (mentally and physically)!

Sometimes, as moms, I think we just put ourselves aside and forget ourselves so quickly because of the strength of our nurturing instincts in us. Perhaps in some situations, we don't have the choice, and in others, we just unknowingly forget to "treat ourselves" or whatever you want to call it! So, this past month I spent my money on me and it was so refreshing!

I bought a workout plan I have been eying since before I was even pregnant with June. Which in turn has helped me with my desire to accomplish my goals! I spent the time and money to start figuring out the skin care changes I need to make to deal with my very hormonal postpartum skin. I still found joy purchasing the items my girls needed, with their money, and found joy investing in myself too!

If you find yourself in a slump, do a little mental check and figure out when you invested in yourself last. Whether that means actually buying yourself something, taking a break to go on a run by yourself, or having that Cafe Rio salad you actually want rather than just eating something from the place serving the chicken nuggets and french fries your kids wanted. Being a good mother does not mean you can't invest in yourself! Don't forget it!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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