Seek Adventure with the Veer Cruiser

Seek Adventure with the Veer Cruiser

Veer created their cruiser on the basis of adventure--it's about more than just mobility; It's about outdoor escapades and family fun!

The Veer Cruiser is the mother of all push/pull wagons. It truly is the best of both the stroller and the wagon worlds. It's meant for all terrains, so you can embark onto trails less traveled without worry of whether or not it has the capability to keep up with you and your fam. Because the Cruiser can be pulled, it makes it much easier to navigate uneven terrain like beaches, snow or trails. The tires are created with 100% polyurethane, so you'll never have to worry about filling them with air.

It's also built to last, so when your children have outgrown it, you'll still find plenty of uses for it, like hauling groceries, sports and beach equipment, and more! You will definitely get a lifetime of use out of the Veer Cruiser!

Veer Infant Car Seat Adapter

This has got to be one of my favorite features of the Veer Cruiser: the fact that it can accommodate a variety of car seats!

Veer Cruiser with Infant Car Seat Adapter
Veer Cruiser with Infant Car Seat Adapter

The Veer Cruiser can accommodate two passengers, 0-5+ years. With the use of a car seat adapter, your oldest child can lounge in the wagon, while your baby rides comfortably and safely in his/her car seat.

Veer Toddler Comfort Seat

The Toddler Comfort Seat is recommended for kiddos in the 6-18 month range (depending upon size) who no longer use an infant car seat and may need more support in the wagon.

Veer Travel Bag

If you plan to fly with your Veer Cruiser, the Travel Bag is recommended to protect it against bumps and scrapes. Please note that damages sustained during air travel, with or without the Travel Bag, are not covered under Veer's warranty.

The Veer Cruiser also features a fast and compact fold, making it easy to store during travel, in the trunk or your car, or the corner of your garage.

Plan some adventures this summer and take your snazzy new Veer Cruiser along for the fun! You can shop the Veer Cruiser and the accessories above in store or online at

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