The Best Binkies on the Block

The Best Binkies on the Block

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When we're talking the perfect baby item to help soothe your little ones, the first things mamas reach for is the glorious pacifier. At The Baby Cubby we believe that all babies deserve to have a safe and soothing pacifier that gets the job done right! The Avent Soothie Pacifiers and the Natursutten Pacifiers are sure to be a favorite for mamas and babes!

Now the fact of the matter is there are a lot of choices for pacifiers. Let's be real, when you go to the store there's a whole wall of them. Some are labelled for different ages, some for different functions, but all with one thought in mind: Keeping baby calm. Two of the most common pacifier styles are round and butterfly You can't go wrong with either style, but here's a little info to help you make the best choice for you and babe! Rounded is the preferred style to try when baby is first starting on the paci, because it is the closest resemblance to mama's breast. The Avent Soothies are all rounded, and are designed to mimic the same sensation as nursing. Additionally, the rounded shield on all Avent Pacifiers helps simulate the comfort of the nose against the breast and calms your little one.  Avent also offers a vanilla scented pacifier which helps with soothing, especially with those little teething monsters that pop up. They are all BPA free, and dishwasher safe for easy sanitizing, and are made in different sizes to help grow with your babe. Your little one will love these pacifiers, and you will love that they give you a minute to breathe when things (yes, I mean your babes) are getting weepy.                                    

Orthodontic nipples are great for babes who start to grow teeth, because of their more angled shape. This style is great for kiddies with teeth, because it teaches them to swallow upwards and towards the roof of their mouths, which should help to keep those pearly whites nice and straight. The Natursutten Pacifiers have an orthodontic nipple which is designed to follow babe's natural mouth movements, and butterfly shield which helps keep baby's airway clear when their using it. These are also all natural pacifiers, biodegradable, and are made from soft silicone to be comfortable on babe's face. This is one of Baby Cubby's faves, and you can learn all you ever wanted to know (and then some) here!                        

Whether you've got a new babe and you're trying to find something to help keep them calm when they're not eating or sleeping, or if you're looking for something new to help babe, either way the Avent Soothies Pacifiers and the Natursutten Pacifiers will be a sure thing for your little one! XO

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