The Best Kept Secret to Potty Training

The Best Kept Secret to Potty Training

SO many tips and tricks are shared about potty-training throughout blogs, websites, and word of mouth. It can all get a bit overwhelming and not every method works for each individual child or family. But here is something to think about. It’s possibly the best-kept secret to potty training:

Wait for it…

That’s it. That’s the secret. To wait. Wait for your child to take the lead. Wait until they are interested. Wait until they want to. Wait for them to be motivated. Sure, you can try to work on your own timetable, and often it will be successful. But like many other tasks or milestones, it’s probably most effective to wait until your child is ready. These days, there are some fabulous products out there to help aid in potty training. Not only are they incredibly convenient (ahem, Puj Nubs) but also they are new and exciting, which is perfect for getting kiddos excited about the new task ahead. Okay, back to the Puj Nubs, these guys suction to the wall and can hold multiple kinds of bathroom items. Towels, Puj PhillUp cups, toys, and most importantly a potty seat like the Puj Toilet Trainer! So perfect.

 Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer - White

Now when it comes to waiting, that doesn’t mean to never talk about the potty, or mention wearing undies, or letting them try it out every once in awhile. But if there’s no interest or success, it’s okay to wait a few weeks or months before trying to push potty training again. There is, of course, a point where this is no longer the best idea since most (if not all?) preschools require their students to be potty trained before enrolling. But in most cases, it’s not a bad thing for a toddler to wait just a little bit longer. This waiting method has worked well for my little boy and I. We bought him a little potty when he turned 18 months old and started trying it out. He took to the idea really well and seemed moderately motivated. I soon became pregnant and was sick, sick, sick and unable to think of the idea of helping him become potty trained without becoming nauseous. Sadly, the morning sickness never wore off and although he remained curious, his toilet training was never put to practice. Since having my baby, we’ve picked it back up again half-heartedly. I’m just waiting for him to take the lead and let me know he’s full-on ready to potty train!

To read more about potty training basics, here is another quick blog post for you to read that has some handy information! Meanwhile, I’m off to watch "How I Met Your Mother", since all this “wait for it” talk has me thinking all about Barney Stinson. Best of luck with the potty training!

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