The Doona Vs the Nuna PIPA Urbn: The Best Travel Systems for City Life and Travel

Doona vs. Nuna PIPA Urbn: The Best Travel Systems for City Life and Travel

When you have a baby, it can be easy to feel isolated at home--especially in those newborn days. For me, I didn't really love leaving the house because it meant packing loads of baby essentials and lugging around a heavy infant car seat, the combination of which made me dread outings and vacations. But just because you're a new mom doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun that's to be had! With innovative baby gear like the Doona and Nuna PIPA Urbn travel system, you can get out on the town once more- without feeling overwhelmed!

The Doona and the Nuna PIPA Urbn are both packed with features that make life on the go a breeze. Whether you are planning to travel with your baby often in their first year, you enjoy busy city life, or you just need to move your car seat between vehicles frequently, the Doona and Nuna PIPA Urbn are built for easy install and removal from your car. And their ability to transform seamlessly into travel systems ensures you're ready to go as soon as you step onto the sidewalk.

Let's take a look at what makes both the Doona and the Nuna PIPA Urbn great choices for new parents, and compare and contrast each one so you know which product is best for you!

The Doona

If you're looking for a one of a kind product, the Doona is where it's at! This stroller/infant car seat combo allows parents to effortlessly go from car seat to stroller in seconds. Not only does this save you time, eliminating the need to grab a stroller from the trunk and latch the car seat into place, but it also saves you space in your trunk! This is a huge perk for those with small vehicles. 

If you are planning to travel in the first year of your child's life, the Doona also prevents you from having to bring along a separate stroller, again saving you space. So if you like to travel light, the Doona is a great pick.

When it comes to style, the Doona is both sleek and modern. With 9 different colors (at The Baby Cubby), parents are sure to find a style that meets their needs. Doona also occasionally comes out with limited edition styles, such as the limited edition Midnight and Gold Doonas, for parents that want something extra special. The limited edition Doonas even come with a bonus baby essentials bag that can be hung from the handlebar, allowing you to keep everything you need within hands reach.

Doona Gold

Doona Limited Edition Gold

How It Works

One of the biggest perks of the Doona is its ease of installation. You can install the Doona with the included base using the LATCH system OR the vehicle seat belt, or without the base using the vehicle seat belt and the European belt path on the back of the car seat.

When putting the Doona into your car, the legs tuck up and under the infant car seat. When installed in the vehicle, the handlebar rotates down and acts as an anti-rebound bar, providing additional stability in the event of a crash.

Doona Fold

When you're ready to turn your Doona into a stroller, remove the car seat from the vehicle and push the button on the back. This releases the legs from their locked position. You can then adjust and extend the handlebar to your desired height, and you're on your way. 

Doona Folding

Overall, the Doona is a great choice for parents that want something that is extremely simple to use and that eliminates the need to bring along any additional gear in the first year of your child's life! 


Price: $550

Colors: Blush Pink, Flame Red, Racing Green, Limited Edition Gold, Limited Edition Midnight, Grey Hound, Nitro Black, Royal Blue, Desert Green (All currently available at The Baby Cubby)

Fabrics: Breathable bamboo fiber textiles (anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, humidity and thermal regulating)

Purchase Includes: Doona car seat/stroller, LATCH base, infant insert, head support, and a vehicle seat protector; (The Essentials Bag is also included with the limited edition Gold and Midnight Doonas)

Height/Weight Limits: 32 inches; 4 to 35 pounds (Stop using your Doona when your child maxes out the height or weight limit--whichever comes first)

Car Seat Weight: 16.5 pounds

Base Weight: 10 pounds


Installation: Rear facing only (as is the case with ALL infant car seats); 3 installation methods--base with LATCH, base with vehicle seat belt, baseless with vehicle seat belt

Stroller Mode Handlebar Height: 38 inches

Safety Features: Handlebar acts as anti-rebound panel, baby-safe fabrics, side impact protection, European belt path

Travel: TUV and FAA aircraft approved

Infant Car Seat Expiration: 6 years from the date of manufacture

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's warranty

Installing the Doona

Favorite Things About the Doona

  • All-in-one stroller/car seat design

  • Ability to install with or without a base

  • Handlebar provides added anti-rebound protection in the event of a crash

  • The height and weight limits are higher than many other infant car seats, allowing you to use it much longer than other car seats

  • Ultra soft, breathable fabrics

  • Modern and sleek design

Things to Consider

  • Not made for all terrains, as it has no all-wheel suspension

  • Tall parents may find it uncomfortable to push, as the handlebar height extends to a max of 38 inches (while Nuna strollers have handlebar heights of 42 to 45 inches)

  • Will need to buy a new stroller once your child maxes out the infant car seat height and weight requirements (normally when your baby is about a year old)

  • Due to the stroller/car seat combo, the Doona is much heavier than standard car seats, so it may not be ideal if you live in an apartment and need to carry it up stairs often

  • No undercarriage basket for storage

  • Smaller canopy

Doona Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use my Doona?

You can use your Doona until you max out either the height or weight limit, whichever comes first. 

Are the Doona fabrics machine washable?

Doona recommends spot cleaning or hand washing fabrics. 

Doona Lifestyle Image

The Nuna PIPA Urbn Travel System

The Nuna PIPA Urbn was released in 2022 as the newest addition to the popular Nuna PIPA infant car seat line! But what truly sets the Urbn apart from its predecessors AND other infant car seats on the market is its built-in LATCH system! This completely eliminates the need for a car seat base, so all you need is your car seat and your baby! This is a huge advantage for travelers and city dwellers alike (as its name implies!)

In addition, the PIPA Urbn features some incredible, hig- end features that make it comfortable for baby and convenient for parents! The extra-large, fully-extendable canopy provides ultimate coverage from the sun and rain, while the full size peek-a-boo panel makes it easy to check in on baby. When nap time comes, the incorporated Sky Drape can be pulled down from the canopy, providing complete coverage and darkness for the best snooze your baby will have all day. The Urbn also has magnetic buckle holders and soft, high end fabrics. And all that while weighing in at only 7 pounds!

Nuna PIPA Urbn with Features Labeled

How It Works

The Nuna PIPA Urbn has one of the simplest installations of any infant car seat. With the pipaFIX™ rigid LATCH system built into the shell of the infant car seat, all you need to do is extend the latches and click them into place! The indicators will turn from red to green when it's been installed correctly. If your car does not have a LATCH system, you can also install the Nuna PIPA Urbn with the vehicle seat belt with the integrated European belt path! (Check out how to install the Nuna PIPA Urbn here!)

The Nuna PIPA Urbn is also extremely simple to remove/uninstall from the vehicle. By clicking the release button on the back of the PIPA Urbn, the latches are released, and you can then gently pull the seat away from the vehicle seat and remove it from the car. You can then click your Urbn onto your Nuna stroller, and you're ready to go!

Nuna PIPA Urbn Fix Latch

Nuna PIPA Urbn Travel Systems

Although the Nuna PIPA Urbn doesn't transform into a stroller like the Doona, the Urbn easily clicks into Nuna strollers, creating a travel system that is right for you! The PIPA Urbn can be purchased with the Nuna TRVL, the Nuna TRIV Next, or the Nuna MIXX Next, so you can pick and choose what you want your travel system to look like! Not only does this give you ultimate control, enabling you to pick something with the features you need, but it also allows you to get either a travel or modular stroller depending on what will work best with your lifestyle.

Let's check out the differences between each of these strollers systems!

Nuna TRVL Stroller and PIPA Urbn Car Seat Travel System

If your priority is compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly gear, the TRVL is made for you! The Nuna TRVL has a 2-second, one-handed, self-standing, compact fold, and weighs in at only 13.6 pounds. The TRVL is currently available at The Baby Cubby in 3 colors: Caviar, Hazelwood (featured below), and Lagoon.

The TRVL also does not require any adapters to click your infant car seat into place, so no need to keep track of any additional pieces!

Nuna PIPA Urbn and TRVL

Nuna TRIV Next Stroller and PIPA Urbn Car Seat Travel System

The TRIV Next is another compact option for parents (although it's not as compact as the TRVL). The TRIV Next has a modular seat, allowing parents to turn the seat world- or parent-facing, a perk for kids that have a preference one way or another. The seat also has a one-handed, self standing fold, and can be folded with the ring adapter in place (which is required if you want to click the Urbn into the stroller.)

The TRIV Next is currently available in two colors, Caviar and Ocean (featured below), and weighs 18.4 pounds.

Nuna TRIV and PIPA Urbn fold

Nuna MIXX Next Stroller and PIPA Urbn Car Seat Travel System

The MIXX Next has all the bells and whistles when it comes to strollers, making it a premium pick! The MIXX Next seat is modular, allowing you to rotate it forward or backward. The seat also features a removable lining that reveals a mesh layer to keep kids cool in the summer, and the completely flat recline makes it a perfect nap spot for sleepy toddlers. 

The stroller also has a relatively compact fold and folds with the ring adapter for easy storage. The MIXX Next currently only comes in Caviar and weighs 28.3 pounds without the seat insert or armbar.

With the Nuna PIPA Urbn, you get a more tradition travel system with a car seat that clicks into a stroller. But the ability to select between 3 different strollers gives you a lot of freedom, and being able to use the stroller as your child grows is a huge perk!


Price: W/ Nuna TRVL $900; W/ Nuna TRIV Next $1,100; W/ Nuna MIXX Next $1,200

Colors: Caviar, Hazelwood, Lagoon (w/ TRVL); Caviar, Ocean (w/ TRIV Next); Caviar (w/ MIXX Next); (All currently available at The Baby Cubby)

Fabrics: Environmentally friendly Merino wool and TENCEL™ branded lyocell fiber blend (FR Free and GREENGUARD Gold Certified)

Shell: Aeroflex foam with integrated side impact protection

Purchase Includes: Stroller (TRVL, TRIV Next, OR MIXX Next), Nuna PIPA Urbn Infant Car Seat, Anchor Guides, Ring Adapter (with MIXX Next and TRIV Next only), Travel bag (with TRVL only)

Height/Weight Limits: 29 inches; 4 to 22 pounds (Stop using your PIPA Urbn when your child maxes out the height or weight limit-whichever comes first)

Car Seat Weight: Only 7 pounds without canopy/inserts


Installation: Baseless installation with pipaFIX™ rigid LATCH or with the vehicle seat belt using the European belt path

Stroller Mode Handlebar Height: 44 inches with the TRVL, 42.25 inches with the TRIV Next, and 45.3 inches with the MIXX Next

Safety Features: Side impact protection, aeroflex foam, flame resistant while still using FR free and GREENGUARD Gold Certified fabrics, LATCH indicators that turn green when installed correctly, European belt path

Travel: FAA certified for aircraft use; Nuna TRVL stroller fits into most overhead bins

Infant Car Seat Expiration: 7 years after manufacture date

Warranty: 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

PIPA Urbn in Action

Favorite Things About the Nuna PIPA Urbn Travel Systems

  • Unique integrated rigid LATCH for easy installation

  • No base needed

  • Ultra-lightweight at only 7 pounds

  • The car seat has high end features, such as magnetic buckle holders, an extra-large canopy, a Sky Drape, and a large peek-a-boo window in the canopy

  • More traditional stroller system with canopies and undercarriage baskets, and the option to get a modular or travel sized stroller

  • You can continue to use the stroller for years after you max out the infant car seat

  • Strollers have all-wheel suspension, so they're great for a variety of terrains

  • Machine washable fabrics

Things to Consider

  • You will have to store a stroller in your trunk if you want to turn your PIPA Urbn into a travel system

  • Much lower weight and height capacity, so you will have to stop using it sooner than you would the Doona

  • Some vehicles don't have LATCH systems

  • If your vehicle latches are too deep within the seat, the pipaFIX™ rigid LATCH may not reach, preventing you from being able to install using this method

Nuna PIPA Urbn Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fabrics machine washable?

Yes! You can remove and wash the fabric pieces of your PIPA Urbn in your washing machine.

Can I purchase the Nuna PIPA Urbn without a stroller?

Unfortunately, the Nuna PIPA Urbn is only available for purchase as a travel system with the Nuna TRVL, the Nuna TRIV Next, or the Nuna MIXX Next. 

Can I use the PIPA Urbn with the PIPA base or PIPA RELX base if I want to?

No, the PIPA Urbn is not compatible with the other Nuna PIPA bases. You can only install the PIPA Urbn with the integrated LATCH system, or with the vehicle seat belt using the European belt path.

Nuna PIPA Urbn Travel System

Comparing the Doona to the Nuna PIPA Urbn Travel System

Biggest Similarities: 

  • Great for travel and city life

  • Can both be installed without a base

  • Convenient and quick installation methods

  • Both infant car seats can only be used rear facing for about the first year of your child's life, at which point you will need to transition to a convertible car seat

Biggest Differences:

  • Doona can be installed with a base or without, the Nuna PIPA Urbn is only installed without a base

  • The Nuna stroller systems have taller handlebars that are ideal for tall individuals

  • The Doona is a lot heavier compared to the Nuna PIPA Urbn

  • Doona car seat weight/height limit is much higher than the Nuna PIPA Urbn limits

  • Doona infant car seat and stroller can no longer be used once height/weight limits are reached, while the Nuna strollers can be used through toddlerhood and beyond even after the PIPA Urbn is no longer being used

Both the Doona and the Nuna PIPA Urbn travel systems are extremely popular picks! No matter which you choose, we're sure you're going to love it for your family!

Need assistance on which travel system to pick? Chat with us online, send us an email, give us a call, or come visit our store! Our certified Cubby Moms know all there is to know about these amazing products and are ready to help match you with the right baby gear! 

You can also check out our YouTube channel for full product demos, reviews and installation guides!

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