The Simplest Life-Changing Baby Product

The Simplest Life-Changing Baby Product

Not too long after my first baby was born, my husband and I were talking about our baby products and which one we thought we used the most. Besides the obvious answer of diapers and wipes, it didn’t take us long to decide: the portable changing pad. It was a definite favorite from the very beginning!

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station
Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station

Our particular changing pad wasn’t this exact one, but this one has the same quality and has the potential to become a parent’s favorite and most used baby product. Here are a few reasons why:


Some diaper bags have built-in changing pads, which are awesome and certainly have their place but aren’t always the most convenient. The fact that some changing pads such as this one are completely separate from an entire bag makes them ten times more useful. Quite frankly, an entire diaper bag isn’t always needed for a diaper change.


Of the many public diaper changes I’ve done, I can count on two fingers the amount of times I’ve had to lay my child on a bare changing table. I cringed the entire time and those rare instances made me particularly glad for my handy changing pad. No, I’m not a germophobe; but changing tables gross me right out! As they should everybody! Having something to put under a baby or toddler while changing them is generally a good idea.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station
Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station


I know this is an obvious one, but there are a few reasons why I like the portable-ness so much. First, I can give it to my husband (with a diaper and wipes included) and send him on his way to change the baby without him having to take the “girly bag” with him…like there are no excuses for him to not change the babe. Second, I used mine around my house all the time! Especially when my babies were teeny tiny and a bit unpredictable when it came to what was going to happen when I took the diaper off! And third, as kids grow older there’s not really a need to fill up an entire diaper bag of items for them. I love that this can just plop into my purse hardly taking up much room at all! OR it can just sit in the car or hang on my stroller until it’s needed.


Sure, you could just use a bland rectangle of a changing mat with no bells or whistles and the job will get done just fine. BUT then you have to worry about hauling diapers and wipes also. Skip Hop has thought of it all and made this product with all of the things in mind. Do you really need a pillow for your babe while he/she is getting a diaper change? No, probably not. But how cool that it’s included, and of course you’ll love using it! The wipes case and mesh pockets though? Those are for sure perfect features to have in a portable changing pad!


This changing pad is waterproof and so durable! It’s not one of those floppy things that won’t keep its shape while folded up and become a hassle to keep in place. However, it’s also not the most compact thing you’ll be carrying in your diaper bag either. But diapers, wipes, creams, and other small necessities fit in here perfectly, so it’s pretty acceptable that it’ll likely take up a bit more space. The Pronto was designed to wipe clean and air dry, and it’ll stay nice for quite some time!

I’ve said multiple times that Skip Hop is the coolest-ever brand, and this product is a perfect example of why! Everyday baby products made better to help us parents out as much as possible. We received our long adored portable changing pad as a gift and since falling in love with it, have gifted the same one or one very similar to it (like this Pronto) to as many people as we can. It’s crazy how something so simple can be such a favorite, but it’s for sure right at the top of our list!
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