Video: Comparing Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 v. Britax B-Free

Video: Comparing Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 v. Britax B-Free

Ever wondered about the differences between these Baby Jogger and Britax single strollers? Take a peek at our video to compare them.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and the Britax B-Free are really similar in design and function, so we’ll start by going over those similarities!

  • Both of these strollers have the same weight capacity, which is 65 pounds.
  • They each have a button-activated, rotating handlebar to adjust for height. The B-Free has a leather handle and the GT2 has a rubber one. 
  • Both have large, extendable canopies with magnetic peekaboo windows. Bonus: the City Mini GT2 has two!
  • Their cinching mechanisms on the back of the seats allow your child to recline for naptime on the go.
  • Each of these strollers have travel system capability. Just attach your preferred car seat using adapters and you’re good to go!
  • They both have good-sized baskets that are accessible from the front or the back. The GT2 has elastic edges, and the B-Free is a little more structured.
  • They each have 3 rubber wheels with all-wheel suspension. The tires are foam-filled and will never go flat! The front tires both lock if you have to move over rougher terrain.
  • They have extremely similar folds. With the B-Free, start by pushing the grey safety button on the side of the frame. Then, with each stroller, pull the folding handle in the crease of the seat and the strollers will fold in half.
  • To unfold the strollers, simply release the auto-lock on the sides of their frames and pull up on the handle bars until their frames lock into place.

Now we’ll compare some of the differences between these strollers.

  • The City Mini GT2 has an adjustable calf rest. The calf rest section of the B-Free moves, but doesn’t stay up for a lie-flat position.
  • B-Free has more storage pockets in addition to its basket.
  • The City Mini GT2 has a handbrake on the side of the frame, but the B-Free has a footbrake.
  • The City Mini GT2’s wheels are all the same size - about 8.5 inches. In contrast, the B-Free’s back wheels, which are 10.5 inches, are slightly larger than the front wheel, which is about 7.5 inches. 

Overall, these strollers are probably more similar than they are different! Your choice between the two may just come down to your preference of a handbrake versus a footbrake. We love both options!

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