Video: Kid O - Magnatabs

Video: Kid O - Magnatabs

Need a mess-free toy to keep creative kids entertained? Magnatabs are the perfect solution!

The Magnatab was designed with the Montessori learning style in mind to create a sensory-based learning experience. How it works is that children use the magnetic stylus to follow the arrows, which pulls the beads up to the surface to make letters, numbers and shapes. The beads are “erased” when you push them down with a finger or the side of the stylus. The stylus stores away right in the tablet and clicks securely into place.

There are two alphabet versions—lowercase and uppercase—as well as a numbers and shapes option. They also make a free-draw tablet in red, and a glow-in-the-dark version in blue!

Any of these options fit easily into a backpack, so Magnatabs are great toys to take along on trips. Kids can be creative and learn without any of the mess of paper, markers, and crayons! Check it out below:

With summer just around the bend, Magnatabs are a great option to either keep school going, or get a jumpstart before next year!

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