Video: Modular Single Stroller Comparison Reef vs City Sights vs CRUZ V2 vs MIXX Next

Video: Modular Single Stroller Comparison Reef vs. City Sights vs. CRUZ V2 vs. MIXX Next

When shopping for my first stroller early in my first pregnancy, I came across the concept of modular strollers! Immediately after this discovery, I decided that this was a must-have feature for me, resulting in a handful of strollers being kicked off my 'maybe' list if they didn't fit the bill.

The ability to customize my stroller to fit my needs was too convenient to pass up. Plus, I loved the fact that I could completely remove the stroller seat, allowing me to just bring the stroller frame along and click in my infant car seat when I went shopping. Who wouldn't want more trunk space for shopping bags, right?

For reasons like this and more, it's no question that the convenience of a modular stroller is worth it, but choosing which one is right for your family can feel impossible! That's why we are here to compare and contrast four of our favorite single modular strollers: The Silver Cross Reef, the Baby Jogger City Sights, the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2, and the Nuna MIXX Next! Join Azlyn as she shows us these strollers side-by-side to help you narrow down your choices!

You can shop all of these strollers and more online at, or come visit us in store where you can test drive our strollers before you buy!

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