Video: Nuna CUDL Click Carrier Full Demo and Review

Video: Nuna CUDL Clik Carrier Full Demo and Review

The transition from womb to world can be overwhelming for many newborns! Babywearing provides the perfect transition, helping babies to feel safe and secure as they listen to momma's familiar heartbeat while still allowing us to go about our day! But babywearing can be intimidating! With the Nuna CUDL Clik Carrier, however, babywearing has never been easier or more convenient! Simply secure your baby into place with the innovative MagneTech Secure Snap magnets and you're ready to go! Plus, the CUDL Clik features a unique breeze cover that can be pulled up to protect the top of your little one's head from sunburn and rain! 

Check out ALL the amazing features the Nuna CUDL Clik Carrier has to offer as Cubby Mom Morgan gives us a full review and demo!

You can shop the Nuna CUDL Clik Carrier as well as our other baby carriers in store or online at, where you can get 5% back on every purchase with our rewards program!

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