Top 5 Safe Sleep Tips

Video: Top 5 Safe Sleep Tips and Products for Babies

The newborn stage was such an incredibly beautiful, yet incredibly tough phase for me. I loved all the newborn snuggles, and the sweet and perfect love I felt for my new child was something I will never forget. However, with the expanded love I felt came expanded stress and anxiety. I was terrified to go to bed at night, overcome with the fear that my baby would fall asleep and wouldn’t wake up. I found myself checking on my baby constantly, watching for the rise and fall of her chest, afraid to fall asleep myself. If you’re feeling this, you are not alone. It’s okay to be concerned for the wellbeing of our kiddos. But too much worry can be detrimental to your own mental health. To help ease some of your worry (and to help you get more sleep yourself), we’ve compiled our top 5 safe sleep tips and products for babies in this video:

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