Video: Veer Cruiser XL Wagon Demo and Review

Video: Veer Cruiser XL Wagon Demo and Review

If you're looking for a stroller system that can accommodate more than one child, your first thought probably isn't a wagon. But with all of the innovations in the baby gear world, wagons should be on EVERY parents radar! Especially when it comes to the Veer Cruiser XL!

The Veer XL is so much more than your standard wagon! Not only can it accommodate up to 4 children and is compatible with many infant car seats (with adapters), but its all-terrain and ergonomic design make it easy for parents to push around AND to store! But what sets this wagon apart from others? Not only is it 5% wider and 38% lighter than other 4-seaters on the market, but the wide range of compatible accessories allow for full customization to ensure your kiddos always have a comfortable ride.

Join Cubby Mom Baylee as she reviews the incredible NEW Veer Cruiser XL in this video!

You can read all about the Veer Cruiser XL on our blog, or shop the XL and its compatible accessories in store or online at

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