What's So Cool About The UPPAbaby VISTA?

What's So Cool About The UPPAbaby VISTA?

The VISTA from UPPAbaby is truly top of its class. When it comes to strollers, the VISTA is bound to be on every parent’s wish list, and for good reason! Here are 8 reasons that make the VISTA stroller truly amazing.   

1. Included accessories.   

Most strollers have a lot of available accessories to purchase separately, but the VISTA happens to come with a great amount of accessories that are included with the original purchase! Included when buying this stroller are the following:

  • Aluminum alloy/magnesium frame
  • Toddler Seat
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield & Rain Shield
  • Bassinet
  • Bassinet Bug Shield & Rain Shield
  • Bumper Bar

I mean, obviously it comes with the frame and seat, but those other additions are pretty amazing. There is no adapter needed for the bassinet, meaning this is good to use from day one of your baby’s life! And the bumper bar is removable so you don’t always have to have it attached. But man, how adorable and handy for the squirmy little ones!

2. It grows with your family.

This modular stroller is a great option as a single stroller for itty bitty babes until well into their toddler years. And there are add-ons like the RumbleSeat and the PiggyBack. Meaning this stroller can easily accommodate three children! Not to mention, there are a whole bunch of combinations and variations for how this stroller and its accessories can be configured!

3. The perfect fold.

Truly a one-step fold with or without the seat attached AND it stands when folded, does it get much better than that?

4. Maximum child comfort.

It has adjustable footrest, large canopy with an extendable SPF 50 sun shade, multi-position recline, removable belly bar, and aerated mattress and water-repellant liner for the bassinet. Basically, your child is going to be very comfortable while sitting in here! Not to mention, the shock-absorbing front and rear suspension and foam-filled tires make for a very smooth ride.

5. Great size.

Obviously this is going to be a larger stroller, but compared to others, the modular VISTA doesn't extend out horribly far when using two seats because the RumbleSeat doesn't add much length at all to the overall stroller measurements. It's big enough to accommodate a miniature child army, but is still realistically sized!

6. Easy to maintain.

The VISTA is going to look brand new for a very long time. This is thanks to the high-end, luxurious fabrics that happen to be removable and washable. Everything else can be easily wiped down!

7. Gorgeous.

It may seem odd to describe a stroller as gorgeous, but just look at the thing! It’s beautiful!

8. Fantastic color options.

Yes, there are your average colors like black (JAKE) and grey (JORDAN), but then they decide to go above and beyond with some irresistible colors:

  • GREGORY, a blue mélange
  • HENRY, a blue marl
  • EMMETT, a green mélange
  • BRYCE, a white marl

The modern fashion of this high-quality stroller has moms swooning all over the globe. It is a definite favorite not just because of its outward appearance but also the many functional qualities it possesses. There's no doubt about it, this is the stroller to beat.


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