Your Baby Shower Planning Guide

Your Baby Shower Planning Guide

Do you know someone who is expecting a bundle of joy soon? Maybe it's a close friend, a family member, your spouse, or even yourself! Whoever it is, you may find yourself planning a baby shower, and it goes without saying that you certainly want to make this day special for them (or yourself). You'll want everyone to have a fun, memorable time celebrating this special moment in life. But you may not be quite sure about how to get started or know what exactly you need to do in order to plan a baby shower. Have no fear, The Baby Cubby is here! We have compiled a guide to everything you'll need to throw a  smooth, joyous, and baby-tastic baby shower for the special mommy to be in your life! 

Plan Ahead

Plan anything you can ahead of time. I very much believe that the more time you have to plan the baby shower, the less time you will spend stressing about it. You'll not only have plenty of time to get all the details figured out, but you'll also be able to get everything ahold of you need, like menu items, decor, and more! Also, know that baby showers are most commonly held during the mother's third trimester. 

baby shower planning

Choose a Time, Day, and Location

When choosing a time and place for the baby shower, we highly suggest speaking to the expectant mother herself to figure out the date and time that works best for her. Ask her what day and time works best for her and the people she will want to invite, including her close friends and family members.

Try to choose a location that is close to her or where most of her close friends or family members live. You also definitely need to think about the weather when choosing your location. If you're going to be outdoors, come up with an indoor backup location in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Pay attention to what the temperature will be, and be considerate of whether it will be comfortable for your guest of honor.

When considering a location, think about how many people you've invited. If you're planning on having a lot of people, you may want to rent a space that will hold a large party; or if it's an intimate amount of guests, you can hold it at a park, a house, or even an area with a small backyard. Just make sure there is enough room for eating, sitting, and entertaining comfortably. 

Create an Invitation

There are so many ways to create an adorable baby shower invitation. You can easily create one using a template off, order them from Walmart or Etsy, or create your own on Google Docs and print them out your local Fedex Print. Remember, the invitation doesn't need to be expensive! There are plenty of convenient, cute templates out there and inexpensive ways to print them out, or even send them electronically.

However you create your invite, make sure all the details of the baby shower are clear. Ensure that the time, location, and date can be easily read and understood. It's also important to include where the mom-to-be is registered if she has a baby registry. This will help your guests know where to shop for a gift and what specifically the mom-to-be wants. 

Make sure to have an RSVP on the invitation so you can know how many guests to plan for, and how much of everything you will need. There are websites that you can use to digitally track who is coming, such as when you create baby shower invitations through Facebook. 

Make sure to not send invites until you have all of the information. Invitations are usually sent out 4-6 weeks in advance of the shower to give guests ample time to plan for it and find a gift. 

Think Food

Usually it's customary for a baby shower to provide some kind of food, either snacks or a meal. What you serve will depend on the time you'll be holding the baby shower. If you're holding it at 10 am, 12-1 pm, or even 5 pm, people may expect that you will be providing an actual meal rather than something light since that's usually when people eat.

If you don't want to provide a meal, you could choose times in between those hours or simply state on the invitation that light refreshments and snacks will be provided so people know what to expect beforehand. There can be many easy little snacks to have, like small finger sandwiches, charcuterie board, fruit wagon, or even some sweet treats. The ideas for food at a baby shower are truly endless!baby shower food

Select a Theme

No, a theme is not required, but it's definitely something to consider because it can make the baby shower even cuter! Your theme can be anything from a cute saying, an animal, or even a shade of colorA theme can even be based on something the parent(s) enjoy to do, or even their favorite childhood book. You can create such fun theme ideas by seeing what the mother likes to make it even more special. 

There are small ways you can incorporate the theme through your decorations. On the actual day of the party, if you're planning on making it a bit more trendy or unique, make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the party to decorate. 

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Entertainment Options

This one is honestly a must at a baby shower to provide sure entertainment for all the guest and for momma. But don't fret--whether you do one or five games, there are so many options, like Price is Right, Don't Say "Baby" , Blindfold Diaper Change, Toilet Paper Bump Guessing, Prediction for Baby, Pass the Advice, and More! Just decide how much time you want to fill, and you'll be able to find plenty to do! Maybe even have a couple of prizes for the guest when they win as well!  While they'll certainly be fun, games are equally important for making the baby shower memorable and a are a great icebreaker for the guests!  

baby shower game ideas

Other Things to Consider when Planning a Baby Shower:

  • Create a budget
  • Don't forget to send thank you cards. (Assign someone to keep track of/write down who gave which gifts). It's just good etiquette.
  • Consider including the mother-to-be's personal touches (favorite flower, favorite food, favorite song, etc)
  • Be thoughtful about the guest list. (Is there a separate party for just friends, coworkers, or family, or everyone can come?)
  • Book the venue or table (if needed) ahead of time
  • Create a schedule of the actual baby shower day (this will help things run more smoothly.)
  • Assign one or two people to take photos
  • Consider adding childhood photos of expecting parent(s) to really add a personal touch to the party
  • Help make the mom-to-be comfortable on the day by having a special chair and pillows for her (especially if she's in the third trimester). Organize her transportation to and from the shower as well.

 baby shower planning guide

Every baby deserves to be celebrated. Whether this is the mother's first baby or their last, you can create a fun baby shower to remember.

Make Pinterest your new best friend for all the planning, too! If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, don't be nervous to ask for help from another close friend or family member. Find a partner or team of people who will be more than happy to help plan the joyous event!

No matter how elaborate or intimate the party is, with careful planning it will be something your guest of honor will always look back on and cherish! We hope we have helped you figure out how to plan a baby shower. Be sure to share what baby shower themes you love below in the comments! Happy Planning and Celebrating!


Create a Registry with us here at The Baby Cubby for you or for your friend who is expecting. We truly have all that is needed and will help you every step of the way in preparing and answering any questions you may have!



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