Soak 3-stage Bathtub

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The never-ending battle of keeping kiddos clean is always a little easier with the right equipment. Boon Soak is the baby tub that actually suits your newborns to your sitting toddlers! This tub can be used in multiple areas of your house and has a convenient drain plug that changes color with water temperature. Here's to having the one-up on the kids in the bath time game!

Why Parents Love

  • Tub that can be used for more than a few months
  • Color changing plug helps you know the water temp is safe for your babe
  • Can be used over or in sinks, on the floor, or in a regular sized bath or shower


  • Three Stages - newborn, infant, toddler
  • Adjustable bump for positioning
  • Contoured back wall with non-slip foam to hold baby in place
  • Fits in most double sinks
  • Color changing drain plug helps gauge ideal bath temperature
  • Recommended age: 0-18m


  • Dimensions: 25.4" x 15.7" x 8.8"