Mini Pastel Heart Bracelet

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Who didn't have a pastel bracelets in the 80's & 90's!?  We've brought them back, and they're better than EVER!  These pastel beads are adorned with a clasp in your choice of gold or silver!  Can you say Nostalgia!?!  We love it!!!!

Please be aware there may be some variations from the photos, for fit, length, and custom reasons.  For optimum comfort and fit, always remember to measure you or your little ones wrist before you order! Below is our size guide! When measuring you or your little ones wrist, measure tight to the skin, then add 1/2 inch, that is what we suggest is the most comfortable fit!

Newborn-3mo is 4" with a .25" extendable chain = 4.25" total
3-6mo is 4.5" with a .25" extendable chain = 4.75" total
6-12mo is 4.75" with a .25" extendable chain = 5" total
12-24mo is 5" with a .5" extendable chain = 5.5" total
Toddler is 5.5" with a .5" extendable chain = 6" total
Girls is 6" with a .5" extendable chain = 6.5" total

***Infants/Children should never be allowed to chew or suck on bracelet. Please supervise all children while wearing this jewelry. Some pieces may present a choking hazard.***

***All jewelry is made with 100% LEAD FREE materials.***