Redeeming Option 1

The easiest way to access and use your points is at checkout.

1. Make sure you are signed in. Click here to sign in.
Don't have an account? Click here to learn how
to create an account.


2. After selecting the items you would
like to purchase, continue to checkout.

3. Click the points drop-down menu to see
what coupons you can apply to your purchase.

4. Click on the coupon that you would like to use.
Note that if you select a coupon higher than your
checkout total, you will lose the excess dollars.

For example, if I use a $100 off coupon and my
checkout total is $90, I will lose $10 and
will not be able to get it back.

5. By clicking 'Redeem', you are using your points to
redeem that coupon. After redeeming a coupon, the points
to get that coupon will be deducted from your account. 



6. And you're done! Continue to checkout and that's it!

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