Rewards Program

Welcome to the Family!

How do I join?

Sign up in two easy steps.

1: Create your account (all customers with an account are automatically enrolled for rewards for free)

2: Start earning points / credits


Why should I join?

1. Get 5 points for every dollar you spend (5% back).

2. Rewards program is free and works automatically.

3. Exclusive rewards program sales and promotions throughout the year.


Rewards FAQ's:


How do I earn rewards points

A. Making purchases — every time you make a purchase you earn points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your account as "Store Credit".

 What are the rewards points exchange rates?

A.You get 5% back in cubby rewards on everything you spend excluding taxes and shipping costs. 

How can I redeem my rewards points?

You can redeem your Rewards Points at checkout. The points are converted into dollars of Store Credit, and you will have the option of using your credit as one of the payment methods. Your earned Store Credit can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, gift cards and more.
How do I view my rewards points? 
A. You have the ability to view your Cubby Rewards Points through your Customer Account. From your account you can see your total accumulated Store Credit The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes.
Do my rewards points expire?
A. Points and credits do not expire. 
Can I redeem my points for cash?
A. Cubby Rewards Points can be used as store credit in our system only. Redeeming to cash is not allowed.
How will I know how much I have in rewards points?
A. Points are automatically converted into Store Credits that become available and visible on your account after about 24 hours of your purchase. You will also receive courtesy emails each month letting you know if you have free money to spend.