5 Must Haves For Baby

5 Must Haves For Baby

Feeling clueless about your "must have" items for your sweet, bundle of joy? Most parents do! Check out our list of 5 must haves for baby!

1. A Car Seat 

 The Nuna PIPA carseat is one of my person favorites! Not only the lightest in its class (weighing only 7.9lbs), it is also safe, stylish and functional! The Nuna PIPA features a peekaboo mesh cover to keep the sun off your sleeping babe's face, but still allows you to easily check on her! Want to know more? Hop on over to this blog post to learn everything you need to know about the Nuna PIPA carseat!

2. A Bouncer or Swing

 Unless you want to be carrying baby around all day you will want a swing or bouncer in your life. Trust me, you'll get touched out after awhile. "The only swing that moves like you do," the 4Moms MamaRoo, features 5 incredible swinging motions all designed to move and sway like the human body. This is an excellent must have item to add to your registry! Learn more about the MamaRoo here.

3. A Portable Crib 

If you're a traveler, have a multilevel house, or just want somewhere safe for baby to play for a minute you will definitely need a playard in your life! Never find yourself cursing, groaning or throwing an adult sized temper tantrum with the Nuna Sena Playard! This easy to set up, portable bed is great for frequent travelers or a trip to Grandma's house! In fact, it's so easy Grandma could set it up one handed! The Nuna Sena also features a plush, quilted mattress, a sturdy frame and a handy travel bag. Learn more about the Nuna Sena Playard here.

4. A Stroller That Grows With You

Strollers are a must for baby if you live in a city or like to go on walks. At The Baby Cubby we're all about products that can grow with you and your family which is why we love the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. Got baby #2 (or #3) on the way? Don't stress, just stroll with it! The UPPAbaby Vista stroller is designed for the growing family, making it easy to grab the kids and go! Whether you are making your registry or simply looking to upgrade, the UPPAbaby Vista is a definite must have! Stroll on over to our recent blog post to learn more about the UPPAbaby Vista!

5. A Baby Carrier 

Baby carriers are important for those fussy days with baby. Sometimes they just want and need to be held all day long - but that can be murder on your back! That's why a baby carrier is a must have. A favorite of many parents, Ergobaby features dozens of carriers in every design and color you can think of! Their new Ergobaby Adapt Carrier is becoming a fast favorite among our Cubby Moms! Every parent needs a dependable, parent approved carrier for their sweet bundle of joy. Head on over to the Baby Cubby to see all the designs in stock! Also check out a more in depth review of Ergobaby carriers here!

You're going to make a great parent! Good luck!

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Nice post. I really enjoyed it a lot. A lot of information you put together in here. Anyone will have a good know about stroller after reading this article.

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Yes, you are right Lindsay did an excellent job here. That 5 thing we need to provide our baby.

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