7 Things You Probably Didn't Get at Your Baby Shower

7 Things You Probably Didn't Get at Your Baby Shower

Baby showers are great; it's always nice to socialize with friends and family while getting excited about your little bundle of joy. And who doesn't love to squeal with delight at each adorable little outfit you receive? To be honest, most people will get you clothes, and 0-6 month clothes at that. Although they serve their purpose, your baby will likely need a lot more than just clothes. But who could resist this sweet baby girl dress?? You get the picture. Think of your baby shower(s) as a jumping off point. As you receive gifts, make a careful inventory of everything you receive so that when you do those final shopping trips, you'll know exactly what to buy.

1. The Big Items

Don't rely on shower gifts to cover the large and costly items such as a crib, carseat, stroller, rocking chair, highchair, or playard. Family members might combine their efforts to purchase one or two of these items, but don't necessarily bank on it. Instead, one good way to purchase these big-ticket items is by combining baby store gift cards you received at the shower. This is why it's so important to schedule showers early on, and then shop later.

Below is a guide of what to buy after the baby showers have passed. To help you out, we've included a list of things most commonly missed at baby showers, and some essentials that you probably shouldn't go without.

2. Diaper Disposal Items

It's a stinky truth, but unless you want your house to end up smelling like day-old diapers, invest in an odor-free diaper pail and bags like the Ubbi Diaper Pail. It might seem like a lot of dough to drop on a trashcan, but you'll be glad you did when visitors come right after your little one had a serious blowout. Check out our previous blog post on the Ubbi and why it is the only diaper pail you'll ever have to buy. Plus, see how seamless it is with the decor in our Perfect Little Boy Nursery.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Raising a child is messy. At some point, you'll likely encounter one or more bodily fluids, so it's a good idea to be prepared. Stock up on items like tissues, paper towels, and wet wipes. A simple all-purpose cleaner, like the Multi-Surface Cleaner from The Honest Company, that's safe for babies also goes a long way in keeping things pristine and baby-safe.

If you're going to be using baby bottles at all, make sure you have products that promote quick and complete cleansing. My favorite bottle brush is the Boon Brush! It's angled bristles help it get into every single nook and cranny to scrape out that old milk; plus, the nipple tip is incredibly effective! Also, don't forget sterilization bags like the Medela Quick Clean Micro-bags!

And don't forget laundry! Baby laundry detergent and stain remover, like Buncha Farmers, always help you tackle those baby (but usually giant) spills.

4. Sick Baby Items

No one wants to think about having a sick baby, but it happens. When the inevitable occurs, it's always nice to have what you need at the ready. A baby thermometer is a must, along with products that help you keep baby's airways clear, like the NoseFrida. For more information on the NoseFrida and the FeverFrida, check out our previous post: How to Take Care of a Sick Baby During Flu Season.

5. Breast Feeding Supplies

If you're breastfeeding, it seems like the only things you need are a baby and your breasts...right? Unfortunately, breastfeeding requires some secondary supplies to keep things comfortable for you and baby.

My insurance paid for a breast pump, but something I would have loved is a hand-pump. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding just 3 months after the birth of my son, and found myself wishing that I had something portable and no-fuss for the wedding that happened to be 3 hours away from home.

Medela breast-milk storage bags are great, too, because they thaw quickly and take up less space in your freezer. And don't forget the breast pads and nipple cream!

6. Books and Small Toys

At my shower, I was lucky enough to get a handful of newborn/toddler toys that would fit in the diaper bag. When I talked to other young mothers, this wasn't the norm. I only bring these up because when there's so much to buy and think about, it's easy to forget these "non-essential" items. When you're waiting at the doctor's office, sitting in church, or just visiting with a friend, you'll be glad you have that little soft book or small PlanToy to pull out of the diaper bag. Trust me, you'll want portable toys to keep your little one entertained.

7. Mommy Care Items

All too often, we forget that in order to properly take care of baby, we need to take care of ourselves! In the first months as a mother, I really struggled to look presentable, shower, or even eat. Something as simple as snack packs, pretzels, and peanut butter packs will help you get through the day. A good reusable water bottle (with a straw) is also helpful in staying hydrated. As for keeping up appearances, don't underestimate the power of face wipes, lip balm, and some mints. A light-blocking eye mask will also help you snatch some beauty sleep "when the baby sleeps."

Smart Registry

Don't let the big box store registry checklists overwhelm you too much. There are places to cut corners, but items you must have, too. Ask moms around you as you create your registry to prepare for your bundle of joy! Plus, if you're local you can visit our Lindon, UT baby store and do your registry with one of our Cubby Moms - they know exactly what you need and what you don't ;)
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