Adventure Mom: How To Plan A Family Camping Trip - Finding The Perfect Pack

Adventure Mom: How To Plan A Family Camping Trip - Finding The Perfect Pack

Want to make your little one into your adventure partner? First, you need a way to safely and comfortably bring your baby on the trail. A hiking pack is the best way to bring your little adventure buddy where strollers just simply won't go! Here are some helpful tips to consider before you make your big purchase!

If you are questioning whether or not you need to invest in a pack, ask yourself a few questions:
  • What kind of lifestyle do I live?
    • Am I planning on hiking once a year or once a week? (This should help you determine what kind of bells and whistles you need on your pack.)
  • How realistic is it for me to go hiking often?
    • Do I have easy access to trails?
    • Do I have time, or will I make time, to go hiking?
  • What conditions will I frequently be hiking in? (This will be important when deciding on any additional specs to add to your pack i.e. sunshade, etc.)
  • What is the duration of my most frequent hiking trip?
    • Day trips, overnight camping trips, overnight backpacking, etc. (Keep this in mind when you're looking into pack storage)
Once you've decided you definitely need a pack, think about what features you need while you read on!

Deuter Kid Comfort I Child Carrier

Weighing just over five pounds, the Dueter Kid Comfort I Child Carrier is a great, lightweight pack for camping adventures! Three pockets and one main lower compartment provide plenty of storage for snacks, diapers and extra water! The Deuter Kid Comfort I Carrier features a VARIQUICK adjustable harness system which allows the carrier to adjust the pack to his or her height prior to use. This is important if you and your partner plan to share pack duties and have different torso lengths. The child seat is also adjustable and can be changed for every growth spurt. A five-point harness secures the child comfortably and safely! Sun and rain roof attachments are also available for this model, ensuring your adventure goes on, rain or shine!  

Osprey Poco AG Premium Child Carrier

Looking to go on extended adventures? You may need something with more storage and comfort. The Osprey Poco AG Premium Child Carrier has everything you will ever need in terms of a carrier! Weighing in at just over eight pounds, this pack is designed to hold up to nearly 50 pounds, which means it can carry young children longer! It features optimum ventilation for you and your little adventurer, helping you and baby stay cool and dry during your hikes! The child cockpit is fleece lined, featuring adjustable seat height and a built-in, collapsable sunshade. And, if your baby is anything like mine, he will definitely fall asleep on your fun adventure! In that case, the washable drool pad will come in handy! Removable stirrups also keep baby's feet in a comfortable, supportive position. As far as comfort for mom and dad, the Osprey Poco AG Premium Carrier is basically the Mercedes Benz of child carriers. The carrier itself is height adjustable including a plush, padded adjustable hip belt that provides the ultimate carrier comfort! The Osprey Poco features easy-to-reach pockets along the hip belt and stretchy mesh pockets along the side. The detachable day pack makes it easy for you and your partner to share the load! Simply unzip the daypack to have a picnic or lighten the weight of the pack. The Osprey Poco doesn't just safely carry your child, it provides all the necessary comfort and storage for all your adventures!  

ErgoBaby Carrier

If you are simply looking for a comfortable way to carry your baby on short adventures or walks around the park, the ErgoBaby Carrier would be a fantastic option for you! All of the ErgoBaby Carriers are designed to be comfortable for you and baby, and can even be used when nursing! The weight limit on the ErgoBaby carriers is up to 45 pounds. To learn more, check out this blog post or head over to the Baby Cubby!   

Wherever your adventures take you, remember to choose a pack that fits your lifestyle and budget! Purchasing a pack is definitely an investment, but if you choose the right one, it will last for years to come. Happy adventuring!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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