I'm A SAHM: What to Do When You're Kids Are Stir Going Crazy

I'm A SAHM: What to Do When You're Kids Are Stir Going Crazy

As the mother of an adorable, but fiesty toddler, the word "no" is said in our house almost more than any other word. As painful as it is to admit, I probably say it just as much as my 2 year old.

Me: "Beckham! No body slamming the cat!"

B: "No!"

Me: "Beckham, please don't pee on that!"

B: *Pees on everything in sight*

Me: "Beckham, stop doing backflips off the couch!"

B: *Backflips off the couch into a perfect, gold medal winning dismount* "No."

In some form or another, the word no is always being said. I find that the both of us get on each other's nerves when we've been cooped up for way too long. Thank heaven for the summer months, because both of us had a pretty significant case of cabin fever over the winter!

I've compiled a list of ways to have fun with your kids, even when you are tired of each other!

  • Get Some Fresh Air: The warm months are the perfect time to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Consider taking your child on a new adventure that the both of you can experience together. Check out your local parks and trails and go on a nature walk. If you want your child to really enjoy himself, have him lead the nature walk. Talk to him about the trees, rocks, critters and anything else you might see. Take your time and enjoy it! Check out your local Hike It Baby to meet other Mom's who enjoy taking their children outdoors!
  • Jump Around: Have some fun at your local Jump In or trampoline park. Kids love having the freedom to run, jump and fly! Experience the joy of jumping into the foam pit or flying high on the trampoline. The kids will love seeing Mom or Dad let loose and have fun on their level.
  • Dive In: Whip out that kiddie pool, lather on the sunscreen and grab your favorite book! Do you see where I'm headed here? What is an exciting afternoon for the kids is really a relaxing afternoon for Mom and Dad! I am definitely "guilty" of this one. I put both feet in the pool, grab my book and I'm set! My toddler is having a blast and I get to have some down time. It's a win win!

Raising little humans is exhausting, but when you can find ways to spice up your day it helps so much! I hope you can take some of these ideas and have lots of fun!

Written by Lindsay Helm
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