Mother's Day Sale! 20% OFF 4MOMS!

Mother's Day Sale! 20% OFF 4MOMS!

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I'm just going to cut straight to the point... jump on this sale! Don't walk to the store, run to the store! This sale is HUGE! I'm so obsessed with all the 4Moms products! You just can't go wrong with any of their amazing offerings! In case you're not familiar with everything 4Moms has to offer, let's take a peek at some of their best products:      

4Moms MamaRoo

Let me tell you a little story about this swing. When Marcus was born I just didn't think we needed a swing, nor did I want to spend the money on one. I'm laughing at myself as I write this, and you probably are too. About a month after he was born I found myself at The Baby Cubby for the first time, desperate for something that would hold Marcus for me while I did the dishes, or used the bathroom. I originally went with the RockaRoo, but Marcus decided he loves the MamaRoo more so we came back to The Baby Cubby and bought THIS amazing swing. This swing, is YOU. It moves like you, it has sounds that baby loves. I mean how could you not be obsessed with a swing for your baby that has "car ride" as one of the settings. That puts baby out in about 10 minutes! You can even hook up your phone to the swing and play music through the speakers. If you have a Colicky Baby, check out this previous blog "Colicky Baby? Try out 4Moms Swings". Anyone with a Colicky baby knows how desperate you are for any kind of relief, and these swings are the perfect answer! 

4Moms RockaRoo

While the MamaRoo moves in every direction, this amazing swing has one motion that goes front to back. This is a moment you'll have to listen to baby on which one they might prefer. I have so many friends who preferred this swing over the MamaRoo and our baby was the complete opposite. Also, do you see how cute that fabric is?! 4Moms has such fun and modern prints! Take a look at our previous blog, "3 Innovative Baby Products You Will Love" for a more in depth look at why you NEED these swings. And they're on SALE! 

4Moms BounceRoo

Another product that's a home run for parents and baby! The BounceRoo doesn't move like the swings does, it has something some baby's prefer more... vibrations! It's so incredibly lightweight and portable, which means you can take it with you to Grandma's or throw it in your car for that Road Trip! Again, if you have a Colicky Baby, this is another product mentioned in "Colicky Baby? Try out 4Moms Swings!".  

4Moms Breeze

Before Marcus was born we went on a little weekend getaway with some friends who have small children. They brought their Breeze, and could not stop talking about how much they LOVED it! And, for good reason! This is not your mom's pack-n-play. This beautiful product goes up in a minute. You think I'm lying, but I'm serious! And you may wonder if you need a playard that can go up and down so fast, and the answer is YES! When you arrive at a hotel room, or it's late a night at Grandma's, it's miserable to try and manage poles, or what clicks where.. this 4Moms Breeze is literally... a breeze! It's also very safe and made of high quality materials! Here's an awesome in depth look at this product, "What You've Been Missing: The 4Moms Breeze" 

Take a look at our previous posts about these amazing products and don't miss out on this sale! It's seriously one you won't want to miss!!

Written by Katelyn Bozada

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