Easter Fun for Everyone!

Easter Fun for Everyone!

Easter is coming up, and a time that would normally be spent outside hunting for eggs with friends and family is going to look a little different this year...

But I don't know about you, but I refuse to let COVID-19 take away my Easter fun: putting together baskets with goodies, coloring eggs, and doing little activities and crafts with my kids will absolutely be a part of our holiday this year.

Since the outdoors and getting together with your group of friends to make it extra fun is mostly off limits, you're probably looking for some creative ways to celebrate.

So if you're looking for a few things to do that will keep your littles excited and engaged in Easter, take a look at some of The Baby Cubby's favorite activities from the last few years that we're sure your whole family will love!

Easter Egg Holders

Make it sweet and simple with these little holders. You can get out the finger paints if you're feeling mentally prepared, or just stick to markers and crayons to let your littles go to town and make them all their own. Print them out with our free printable and make sure to print on cardstock, then just tape/staple them closed and you've got an adorable craft that will hold all those dyed eggs!

Paper Plate Bunny

PC and Craft Cuteness: CraftyMorning.com
PC and Craft Cuteness: CraftyMorning.com

I love any craft using a paper plate. If you can head over to your local dollar or discount store (who knows what's open these days), then pick up a pack of the flimsy white paper plates, and you've got like a hundred different crafts you can do. One that is perfect for Easter time is this bunny from craftymorning.com. Follow the link and she gives you step-by-step instructions that your older kids can follow on their own, or you can work through to help your little. You can even hang these up on your door or windows to share the Easter fun with your neighbors.

Rice Krispie Treat Egg Surprise

PC and Sweet Treat: Simply Being Mommy Blog
PC and Sweet Treat: Simply Being Mommy Blog

Okay, it wouldn't be Easter if you didn't make something sweet to share with the babes, right? I've got a soft spot in my heart for Rice Krispie treats, because it's something my mama always made for us growing up. I make them all the time for my kids, but I love the idea of molding them into these egg shapes and filling them up with candies for your littles like we found on Simply Being Mommy blog! They will have so much fun cracking these open and watching the jelly beans, mini eggs, or M&Ms spill out. So cute and so simple (via simply being mommy)!

Try out a few of these fun activities with your littles this week to give them a little dose of Easter fun, and if you're looking for some goodies to fill up Easter baskets, then check out BabyCubby.com for all of our go-to basket stuffers for every little bunny in your fam! Have happy and healthy Easter, mamas!

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